#RPG – New Logo/Font Feedback

Trying to get back to the ol’ gothic roots, and I like the ‘worn’ aesthetic. I do a redesign and rebrand every few years and it felt like it was time. The design’s derived from funerary heraldry.

What do you think? Which designs and which fonts do you like best?


Sometimes the simplest option is the best…


A marble background is a little more visually interesting, but at print size could look ‘grubby’.


The written word is common to almost all my enterprises.


Dice are important, but I feel like it throws the design off balance.


Or there’s always overkill…




2 responses to “#RPG – New Logo/Font Feedback

  1. Honestly, I like the first one best – but I think it could use even more simplification.

    I imagine you want to use this thing at multiple scales, from a 200 x 200 pixel image thumbnail for social media all the way up to 300 dpi iconography for book spines and covers. For something to span that many readability levels, it’s going to have to be simplified even further.

    I really like the skull with all of it scratches, but what if we took off that texturing. Keep the details around the eyes for visual attention, but make the rest unmarked. Maybe increase the size of the skull inside the white square; I realize that the I line goes exactly across the center, but I’d like to see a version which is more topologically centered and just occupies a little more of that dead space between the inner rectangle and the skull.

    The plain black background is absolutely perfect, but you’re going to need an inverted version for using on platforms/sites/backgrounds which are dark/black.

    You might could get away with the skull and the d6, but I would worry about readability at the low-end of scaling. Since the die doesn’t have any dividing lines which give a hint as to orientation other than the pips, my concern is if you scale that way down, you end up with a white polygon with some strange lines on it rather than a die.

    That is something that would probably need to be tinkered with to be sure.

    Otherwise, it’s a great concept, and the execution is just about there.

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