#RPG – The Silver Cult RELEASED!

211703The Silver Cult thrusts the characters into a conspiracy that threatens to overturn the natural order of Gor and the city of Tharna. Will they side with the revolutionaries who seek to usurp the power of that city, or help crush the rebellion?

This supplement also contains rules for slave-breaking and torture, and for encouraging better roleplay through mechanics.

Ta Sardar Gor!

You can get it in PDF at RPGNOW HERE. (Make sure you log in and activate ‘adult content’).

Or in print HERE.

The Gor section at RPGNOW can be found HERE.

2 responses to “#RPG – The Silver Cult RELEASED!

  1. Dangit. My Lulu order just shipped or I would have included that. Considering the shipping costs for each order, I’ll wait for a few more products and then snag this one with them.

    We really need a POD in Canada.

    Since you’re on Lulu, have you considered letting them be available on amazon.ca for us Canadians? I sell mine that way. As well, Kobo gives you another avenue for e-book. Lulu usually sets that all up for free.

    • It takes 6-8 weeks AFTER I approve a print proof for things to filter through to Amazon, but they should slowly make their way into that supply chain.

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