#RPG World of Gor PDF has shipped to backers


If you backed our World of Gor/Tales of Gor Indiegogo campaign you should now be getting the download link for it in your email.

Some people’s email links appear to be out of date though, as I’ve had a few bounced emails. So please a) check your spam folders and b) check your contact information is correct. The download link expires in a week.

You can contact me at grim@postmort.demon.co.uk if there’s any problems that need fixing.

The RPG book that goes with this one – Tales of Gor – is in final layout and should be available in a few days to backers, a little longer for non backers.

The print version will take longer as proofs need to be received and cleared.

Still, let’s raise a cup of paga in celebration!

Ta Sardar Gor!

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