#RPG – Tales of Gor Preview, reviewed

b456ccd0f0d8395871ff98c63b654318You can read that review HERE, but I wanted to take the opportunity to reply to a point made about the ‘uneasy skirting around its non-PC nature’.

I am not, by any stretch, a PC fellow and I take pride in not kowtowing to the unreasonable demands of the ‘SocJus’ mob – especially when presenting fiction. However, it would take a sociopath in an isolation tank not to be affected by the intense atmosphere of censorship and (genuine) harassment that goes on around anyone who doesn’t toe that lie.

I have a duty in bringing Gor to the RPG world to present the world of the books as accurately as possible AND to make it accessible. It’s also important to me, and I suspect to fans of Gor as well, to show that there is more to it than swords, sandals and BDSM erotica. That there is a well-realised world with the opportunity for many wildly different kinds of adventures and interpretations.

The broader book doesn’t spend so much time hang-wringing about it, but in a preview (and in the early chapters of the game guide from which those parts were taken) it was – I felt – important to contextualise the material, to defend it and to address these concerns and issues head on.

I suspect, sadly, the game will get a few ‘hate buys’ and some deliberate piracy but I hope that the honest and engaged way I have dealt with the material will buy a few converts, open the game and the Gorean canon to a wider audience, and disarm some of the critics.

Now your humble blue-caste scribe must get back to work!

Ta Sardar Gor!

5 responses to “#RPG – Tales of Gor Preview, reviewed

  1. As the author of the review quoted – and a lifelong Gor fan! – I’d just like to point out that I have no time for ‘political correctness’ and its stultifying effect on free expression either. I just felt that the point was ‘uneasily skirted around’ rather than addressed head-on. Yes, a world with slavery, bondage and loads of naked women being treated as objects of desire isn’t PC. So what? If you don’t like it, don’t read it… and certainly, never visit Gor even in your imagination, you won’t be happy there. To be honest, I don’t think I want to go there either… what attracts me to the books, and now to the game, is a vividly-realised setting that genuinely comes to life in the reader’s imagination. Way back in the 1980s I ran a game of AD&D (Dungeons & Dragons 1e to you youngsters) set there, and I’m eager to find out how well this interpretation works on the table top. It’s a fun place to imagine even if you wouldn’t like to go there…

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