Gor RPG Update

It has been a long time since the last update but again, there’s just little to tell you. Waiting on the art remains the problem. Here’s a rough schedule of when we can expect the outstanding pieces

End of Next Week

05. Tarsk & Hunters
16. Tumit & Red Savage Woman
22. Cityscape W/ Cylinders
23. Broad Thalarion Barge
24. Bondsmaid & Dancing Slave
36. Initiate & Assassin
35. Musician & Dancer
38. Panther Girls
39. Red Savage Man & Woman

Images needing a second draft approval

11. Spider Person & Captive
21. Alar Man & Woman
31. Dar-Kosis Suffere & Physician

Awaiting Thumbnail Sketches

19. Slave Block
25. Café
27. Merchant & Peasant
28. Scribe & Builder
32. Torvaldslander Drinking
33. Free Women

Now you have some idea, hopefully, of what remains outstanding and some idea of how long the wait will be.