Postmortem Studios Update Jan 2017

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The horrible slasher to the left is the latest Clipart Critter by Brad McDevitt.

The Darkzel Scholarship is still running and donations of art and money will be running until the end of January. We’re having a lot of trouble getting backing and publicity this year so anything you can do to help – posting to art websites and communities, letting people know, would be appreciated. If you are an artist you can donate art for sale, if you’re anyone at all you can donate money, if you’re a student or an artist in reduced circumstances you can apply.

Getting the gaming community to help young genre artists shouldn’t be this hard! Getting student or hard-up artists to apply for scholarship funding shouldn’t be this hard either!

The Coming Year

This is going to be a year of changes I think. I need to continue to diversify what I do and to find ways to make additional money. I need to do more voice work, continue to build my Youtube channel, work on my fiction writing more and find new things to do.

The last few years have been tough. Years of depression have taken a toll on my capacity to work and the quality of work I’ve been able to put out. The culture of games has changed, and not for the better, from one of art and fun to one of politicised virtue-signalling, tone-policing and de-facto censorship. This isn’t anything new, but the culture wars definitely intensified and drew battle lines over the last year.

It has become less fun to work in creative industries and people have become increasingly willing to listen to easy lies, rather than to investigate the truth for themselves. To react without thinking or considering. To be tribalistic.  As a result game creators and fans have been demonised, blamed and slandered and standing up for them in any way has been painful. Similar problems have occurred in fiction, comics, computer games and elsewhere. Anyone outside those tribal lines, ‘left’ or right, has paid for it.

There has been a price for standing up against that, one that has been compensated for in the past by increased support from those who care about freedom and creativity (or simply oppose whoever you have pissed off) but that is not an endless well and carries its own restrictions. The lies about people do take their toll in terms of an unwillingness to listen or to provide benefit of the doubt.

Someone who champions you and stands up for you when you make fun of Social Justice Warriors and the Oppression Olympics, will turn on you if you explore the possibility of a Presidential assassination. Doing that, of course, won’t win you back any friends from the other partisan side. There’s literally no pleasing people!

Things have shifted however. There has been a change in culture which may result in more freedom in some ways, but now the threat comes in another direction. The fight for free expression never, it seems, ends. Just the source of the threat to it. Spurious accusations of racism, sexism and so on may have lost their power, but now the old nationalistic and evangelical right is flexing its muscles again, thinking that it now holds the whip hand. The battle may, now, shift.

It’s an exhausting fight though, with little thanks and little reward. Especially if you work in something people consider ‘insignificant’ or ‘trivial’ like games. It’s also a battle that takes you away from the process of creativity itself.

I need to strike a better balance.

There’ll still be games from me, a refocus, a seeking of more freelance work and a greater diversity in what I produce. I’ll also be trying to get back into art – which is what I originally wanted to do, back in the day.

We’ll see how it goes.

I started this process last year, and made some ground, but not enough and not fast enough. There’s more that needs to be done to make it work.

I am available for freelance work:

Currently, my 2017 plate is clear and free for freelancing and consultancy. I’m pretty reliable and can offer reasonably fast turnaround. I can, perhaps uniquely, provide detail and grounding to scenarios – even dungeons – to humanise them and give them a bit of depth. Give me a try, see what I can do for your heads.

I am a 17+ year veteran of the tabletop game publishing world with lots of experience in freelancing and self-publishing.

I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Nightfall, Cubicle Seven Entertainment and more. I have also written fiction and worked on social media computer games, packing a lot of meaning into short pieces of text.

As a self-publisher, I have overseen every step of the publication process from concept through to publication including writing, editing, layout and modification. I also produce Youtube material and have begun producing audiobooks. If you need some narration for a video project or an audiobook reading, I can help.

Here’s some of the services I can offer, and the minimum prices offered – though anything is negotiable up or down depending on the client. I will work pseudonymously if that is a concern for you.

  • New writing (raw text): $0.03c/word (minimum)
  • Proofreading/Light Editing/Commentary: $0.01c/word (second and third deeper passes are possible).
  • ePublishing/RPG Publishing consultation. Skype/Hangout/Call: $20/hour.
  • Consultation on your game project: $20/hour.
  • Layout (InDesign): $11 an hour.
  • Stock Art Shopfront: Postmortem studios have a huge stock art catalogue from multiple artists and we’d love to add you to that storefront. If you’re an artist who wants to sell your stock art but doesn’t want to deal with the accounts and uploads etc with your own storefront (which would be my first recommendation) then I can do that for you for 50% (I round up your payouts). Even if you don’t want to do this through me I recommend doing it anyway for all artists and can consult on best practice if you need advice.
  • Voice Work: If you find my dulcet tones to your liking, I’m available for voice over work and narration, recording audiobooks and more. Rates negotiable, starting at $11 per hour.
  • Promotion/Interview: Free. If you have a product you want to pimp out or would like to just talk game design and culture you’re welcome to talk to me and appear on my Youtube channel.

Recent Products

Urban Faerie: Gives you Wings: A fun little scenario for Urban Faerie that showcases all the absurdity and fun of Urban Faerie.

Black Mass: A horror scenario for Blood! The adventure plays off the paranoia of the right wing and the naivity of the left to create a hybrid scenario shocking through violence, culture shock and violating various racial conceits. Think of it as an urban Green Inferno.

Sexbots: A supplement for Machinations of the Space Princess detailing sexbots, adding character creation options and fitting them into the implicit setting of MotSP.

Foul Humours: A set of monsters summoned from human excrescence for old school D&D/OSR style games.

Powder Monkeys: A set of black-powder weapon rules for 5e D&D.

Our entire catalogue (other than the newer items) – easier to browse than the online sites can be downloaded for free HERE.

Social Media & Contact

I’m always open to contact, discussion, ideas and more. If you have questions, queries, suggestions or feedback – good or bad – please do get in touch.

Second Hand Books & Old Stock

I have a number of old books and stock available for sale. £5 for small format books, £10 for large format books + shipping (UK only).

100 Conspiracies
Adventurer’s Vault 4e
Agents of SWING: Agent Casefile
Ant Assault (Cardgame)
Black Rock Bandits (4e adventure & Map)
Bloodlust RPG (French)
Bloodsucker: The Juice
CTG: Isle of the Mighty
Cthentacle (Hardcopy)
d20 Mecha
Dark Conspiracy: Darktek
Dark Conspiracy: New Orleans
Darktown RPG
Desecration (Pathfinder adventure & map)
DK System (French)
DM’s Guide 2 (4e)
DM’s Guide to Immortals (Basic D&D)
Dog Town RPG
Exalted: Return to the Tomb of Five Corners
Inferno (Boardgame)
Legend of the Five Rings LRP Rules
Mantel D’Acier (French)
MET: Antagonists
MET: Book of the Damned
MET: Dark Epics
MET: Journal No 4
MET: Laws of the East
MET: Laws of the Night Camarilla Guide
MET: Laws of the Nightmares
MET: Laws of the Wild Changing Breeds 1
MET: Laws of the Wild Second Edition
MET: Liber des Ghoules
MET: The Masquerade Second Edition
MET: The Shining Host
Monster Manual 2 4e
MTA: Akashic Brotherhood
MTA: Blood Treachery
MTA: Book of Shadows
MTA: Cult of Ecstacy
MTA: Dreamspeakers
MTA: Initiates of the Art
MTA: Masters of the Art
MTA: Progenitors
MTA: Sons of Ether
MTA: The Loom of Fate
MTA: Verbena
MTA: Void Engineers
Ninjas & Superspies RPG
Old, Fat Punks (Novel)
Palladium The Mechanoids (Rifts Sourcebook 2)
Player’s Handbook 2 4e
Red Box Basic D&D
The Sting (Pathfinder adventure & map)
Traveller New Era: Fire Fusion & Steel
V:TM 2nd Edition
Victoriana 1st Edition
VTM: A World of Darkness
VTM: Berlin by Night
VTM: Blood Bond
VTM: Blood Magic, Secrets of Thaumaturgy
VTM: Chicago by Night
VTM: Children of the Nightmares
VTM: Elysium
VTM: Ghouls, Fatal Addiction
VTM: Guide to the Sabbat
VTM: Midnight Siege
VTM: Milwaukee by Nightmares
VTM: New Orleans
VTM: New York by Night
VTM: Storyteller’s Handbook
VTM: Storyteller’s Screen 2nd Edition
VTM: The Anarch Cookbook
VTM: The Hunters Hunted
VTM: The Succubus Club
VTM: Thrashing Dragons
VTM: Time of Thin Blood
VTM: Ventrue
WOD: Combat
WOD: Outcasts
WTA: Axis Mundi – The Book of Spirits
WTA: Corax


I have a near complete run of 2000AD from 315-1386 and Judge Dredd Megazine from 4(1992) to 72(2000) for sale. Entertaining offers on runs or singles, but preferably for the whole lot from someone who can come get them (all packed up ready for transport).

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