Postmortem Studios Monthly Update (July 2016)


Here’s a quick monthly update on the current state of affairs here at Postmortem Studios.


I’m still getting healthier, though the terrible result of the EU referendum has taken its toll personally as well as professionally. This last month – for the first time in a long time – I managed to make a liveable wage thanks to returning to freelancing and a reasonably good month of sales. I’m pleased that I’ve managed to keep my energy up and keep plugging away this and while progress was less dramatic this month, it was still noticeable.

I’m still looking for suggestions of what I can offer my Patreon donors – so I can encourage more people to be my patrons – so if you come up with anything you’d like to see, let me know.

Speaking of which, if you want to show me support, there’s Patreon but there’s other ways too. Follow me on social media, subscribe to my Youtube channel, retweet my stuff, leave reviews if you’ve bought anything of mine. It all helps and this kind of publicity (especially social media and good reviews) is the lifeblood of any creative person.

I’m off to the pro-EU march this Saturday, so keep an eye out for updates from the capital!

Work Update

I’ve been mostly freelancing this month alongside working on a FATE based Mecha/Kaiju game. I hope to have that game out this month or next and I also have a 5th Edition race (badger people!) that will hopefully be out this month as I continue to test the waters on 5th edition material.

Gor has been slightly delayed, again, no excuses, just the same continuing issues. I’ll be glad when it’s finally out and I can stop fretting and getting ulcers.


Currently my plate is clear and free for freelancing and consultancy after last month.

I am a 15+ year veteran of the tabletop game publishing world with experience in freelancing and self publishing. I’ve worked for Wizards of the Coast, Steve Jackson Games, Nightfall, Cubicle Seven Entertainment and more. I have also written fiction and worked on social media computer games, packing a lot of meaning into short pieces of text. As a self-publisher I have overseen every step of the publication process from concept through to publications including writing, editing, layout and modification.

Here’s some of the services I can offer, and the minimum prices offered – though anything is negotiable up or down depending on the client. I will work pseudonymously if that is a concern for you, however stupid that situation is.

  • New writing (raw text) $0.03c/word (minimum)
  • Proofreading/Light Editing/Commentary $0.01c/word (second and third deeper passes are possible).
  • ePublishing/RPG Publishing consultation Skype/Hangout/Call $20/hour.
  • Consultation on your game project $20/hour.
  • Layout (InDesign) $10 an hour.
  • Stock Art Shopfront: Postmortem studios has a huge stock art catalogue from multiple artists and we’d love to add you to that storefront. If you’re an artist who wants to sell your stock art but doesn’t want to deal with the accounts and uploads etc with your own storefront (which would be my first recommendation) then I can do that for you for 50% (I round up your payouts though).

Recent Products

Clipart Critters MEGABUNDLE: A once in a lifetime offer (at least until September the first) this is ALL of Brad McDevitt’s stock art – up to number 400 – at a HUGE discount. This is basically a company start-up resource which will provide you with plenty of fantasy, horror, science fiction and modern images to kickstart your company into progress with low initial overheads for art. It’s also a fantastic resource for existing companies.

Diversity Dungeons: Despite claims to the contrary from all sides involved this is intended as a fairly serious examination of diversity issues in gaming from a world-building/game design and publishing perspective. It outlines the obstacles and methods to overcome including (or not including) diversity in your games and some material – from bitter experience – on the current febrile atmosphere around games publishing.

The Cathedral of Misogyny:  An affectionate pisstake of 4chan, internet culture wars and hyperbole via the medium of a comedic 5th Edition D&D adventure, based upon a scenario I wrote as an introduction for a new player coming in from computer games. Part of the scenario was played online and there’s a Youtube video of it here.

Fistful of Horror 3: A collection of horror scenario ideas in the theme of my 100 seeds. System neutral but geared towards modern horror.

Fifth Fantasy – The Chancer:  A new 5e D&D character class, based around the gambler archetypes found in Japanese RPG computer games. This will become a series and, perhaps, a setting if there are a few more sales.

Our entire catalogue (other than the newer items) – easier to browse than the online sites can be downloaded for free HERE.

Social Media & Contact

I’m always open to contact, discussion, ideas and more. If you have questions, queries, suggestions or feedback – good or bad – please do get in touch.

  • You can comment here on the blog.
  • You can find me on Twitter @grimachu
  • You can find me on Facebook 
  • You can find me on Youtube
  • If you want to ask questions (or troll me) anonymously I have an

Second Hand Books & Old Stock

I have a number of old books and stock available for sale. £5 for small format books, £10 for large format books + shipping.

  • 100 Conspiracies
  • Adventurer’s Vault 4e
  • Agents of SWING: Agent Casefile
  • Ant Assault (Cardgame)
  • Black Rock Bandits (4e adventure & Map)
  • Bloodlust RPG (French)
  • Bloodsucker: The Juice
  • CTG: Isle of the Mighty
  • Cthentacle (Hardcopy)
  • d20 Mecha
  • Dark Conspiracy: Darktek
  • Dark Conspiracy: New Orleans
  • Darktown RPG
  • Desecration (Pathfinder adventure & map)
  • DK System (French)
  • DM’s Guide 2 (4e)
  • DM’s Guide to Immortals (Basic D&D)
  • Dog Town RPG
  • Exalted: Return to the Tomb of Five Corners
  • GURPS Discworld
  • Hentacle
  • Inferno (Boardgame)
  • Legend of the Five Rings LRP Rules
  • Mantel D’Acier (French)
  • Marvel Superheroes (TSR) Avengers Assembled
  • Marvel Superheroes (TSR) Nightmares of Futures Past
  • Marvel Superheroes (TSR) Reap the Whirlwind
  • Marvel Superheroes Battle Book (TSR)
  • Marvel Superheroes Campaign Book (TSR)
  • Marvel Superheroes Campaign Book (TSR) (Basic Set)
  • MET: Antagonists
  • MET: Book of the Damned
  • MET: Dark Epics
  • MET: Journal No 4
  • MET: Laws of Elysium
  • MET: Laws of the East
  • MET: Laws of the Hunt
  • MET: Laws of the Hunt Player’s Guide
  • MET: Laws of the Night Camarilla Guide
  • MET: Laws of the Nightmares
  • MET: Laws of the Wild Changing Breeds 1
  • MET: Laws of the Wild Second Edition
  • MET: Liber des Ghoules
  • MET: Oblivion
  • MET: The Long Nightmares
  • MET: The Masquerade Second Edition
  • MET: The Shining Host
  • Monster Manual 2 4e
  • MTA: Akashic Brotherhood
  • MTA: Blood Treachery
  • MTA: Book of Chantries
  • MTA: Book of Shadows
  • MTA: Cult of Ecstacy
  • MTA: Dreamspeakers
  • MTA: Initiates of the Art
  • MTA: Masters of the Art
  • MTA: NWO
  • MTA: Order of Hermes
  • MTA: Progenitors
  • MTA: Sons of Ether
  • MTA: Syndicate
  • MTA: The Loom of Fate
  • MTA: Verbena
  • MTA: Virtual Adepts
  • MTA: Void Engineers
  • Ninjas & Superspies RPG
  • Old, Fat Punks (Novel)
  • Palladium The Mechanoids (Rifts Sourcebook 2)
  • Player’s Handbook 2 4e
  • Red Box Basic D&D
  • Survivor’s Guide to the United Kingdom (Twilight 2000)
  • The Sting (Pathfinder adventure & map)
  • Traveller New Era: Fire Fusion & Steel
  • V:TM 2nd Edition
  • Victoriana 1st Edition
  • VTM: A World of Darkness
  • VTM: Assamite
  • VTM: Berlin by Night
  • VTM: Blood Bond
  • VTM: Blood Magic, Secrets of Thaumaturgy
  • VTM: Brujah Clanbook
  • VTM: Chicago by Night
  • VTM: Children of the Inquisition
  • VTM: Children of the Nightmares
  • VTM: Elysium
  • VTM: Followers of Set
  • VTM: Gangrel
  • VTM: Ghouls, Fatal Addiction
  • VTM: Giovanni
  • VTM: Guide to the Sabbat
  • VTM: Malkavian
  • VTM: Midnight Siege
  • VTM: Milwaukee by Nightmares
  • VTM: New Orleans
  • VTM: New York by Night
  • VTM: Nosferatu Clanbook
  • VTM: Player’s Guide to the Sabbat
  • VTM: Ravnos
  • VTM: Storyteller’s Guide to the Sabbat
  • VTM: Storyteller’s Handbook
  • VTM: Storyteller’s Screen 2nd Edition
  • VTM: The Anarch Cookbook
  • VTM: The Hunters Hunted
  • VTM: The Succubus Club
  • VTM: Thrashing Dragons
  • VTM: Time of Thin Blood
  • VTM: Toreador
  • VTM: Tremere
  • VTM: Tremere
  • VTM: Tzimisce
  • VTM: Ventrue
  • VTM: Victorian Age – London by Nightmares
  • WOD: Blood Dimmed Tide
  • WOD: Combat
  • WOD: Outcasts
  • WTA: Ananasi
  • WTA: Axis Mundi – The Book of Spirits
  • WTA: Corax
  • WTA: Mokole
  • WTO: Risen
  • WTO: The Sea of Shadows


I have a near complete run of 2000AD from 315-1386 and Judge Dredd Megazine from 4(1992) to 72(2000) for sale. Entertaining offers on runs or singles, but preferably for the whole lot from someone who can come get them (all packed up ready for transport).

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