#RPG – Consultancy Services Available


As you should already know I have recently expanded my business to offer editing, writing, layout and other assistance to other RPG publishers. These services include consultancy in which I can offer my experience and knowledge, good and bad, of RPG publishing over 15 years to help businesses new and old cope better and maximise their opportunities.

Today I completed a consultancy session with Paul Fields of Evil Robot Games and he had this to say:

I spoke with Jim across a wide range of topics related to RPG publishing. His insights were valuable to me, it would have cost me much more to figure out the publishing, marketing and product selection issues on my own. In marketing he explained to me the marketing options of a major market maker and which ones worked best, which ones weren’t worth your time. I could easily go to the site’s page to see what their offerings are, but they wouldn’t necessarily lead me to the most cost effective options with the better conversion rates. I could use the tools on the site to analyze the sales and conversion rates after paying for ads, but that’s the long way around. We talked about the kinds of RPG products I would like to create, the pricepoints associated with digital products and which products tended to sell better than others. We talked about how product bundling creates a higher perceived value, even if the discounts on individual items weren’t significant. I will be focussing several new RPG projects specifically based on the conversation we had today. All in all a good value for my money.

If you’d like to employ any of my services, I’m sure I can provide you with some value for money. Please do get in touch via social media or email (grim AT postmort DOT demon DOT co DOT uk) and be sure to check out Evil Robot while you’re at it.