Heads Up! – Limited/No Internet

StrandedMy Internet has been ballsed since Sunday night. I have been commuting over to my mum’s poaching her internet to work, but it’s not the best way to go about things and her internet isn’t the fastest and has a very low usage limit.

When we recently upgraded our Demon Internet they upgraded the wrong line (we’d had to change our number due to malicious phone calls and harassment a few years ago), this despite me telling them otherwise. We’ve stuck with this old ISP for two very good reasons.

1. Everyone knows where to find me.
2. Their support has previously been exemplary.

Our legacy connection went dead Sunday night and calling support we figured out what was wrong. Monday we re-ordered. Apparently the agent ordered for the wrong line again and screwed up a bunch of other stuff. Since then we’ve been trying to work out what’s wrong and to get it fixed. They still seem to have no fucking clue what’s wrong and apparently we could still be out until next week.

Living rurally and dealing with depression and anxiety the internet is not only essential to my business but also to my wellbeing. It’s a safe, effective, non-stressful way to socialise (believe it or not) and to keep up with scattered friends too far away, often, to ever visit. Especially since I find travelling and especially driving a butt-clenching ordeal of pain and misery.

This really isn’t good enough. At all, and it’s really starting to make me twitching. It’s like being stranded, alone, on a desert island, very abruptly.

So if I haven’t replied to emails etc, you now know why. Please be patient until this is sorted out!

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