#Fallout4 #RPG – A Very British Fallout Pt 4

FortOverMapOver & Out

After they’ve finished messing around in Bone Temple – perhaps engaging in the various side-quests available there – Saxon will be ready to head out to Fort Over (a Monarchy outpost) where he intends to trade the fertiliser and other goods he’s traded for here at Bone Temple.

This is a hike of about ten miles, cross country (one country, one urban encounter chance).

Hiking in the Wasteland

The average human foot speed on good ground (paved) can be as much as 4mph if you’re fit and in a hurry. Travelling in the wasteland is unlikely to go at such a pace though as caution is needed and even the old roads are littered with rubbish, abandoned vehicles, fallen trees and thick undergrowth. It’s best to assume a normal foot-speed of 2mph at best. With each hex rated as a five-mile space, that means two-and-a-half hours to travel a single hex. In our journey above, assuming no distractions, that’s five hours of travel. Autumn/winter days – depending on the weather – have 8-10 hours of useful sunlight – or 3-5 hexes on foot. Mounted speeds (Brahmin, tame Radstag or horse) double this, and the few remaining off-road vehicles can maintain a safe average speed of 20mph and helicopters or vertibirds have a cruising speed of about 200 mph.

Arriving in Town

Much of the ruined town in which Fort Over is situated is still wild and untamed ruin, but within the centre of the ruin is The Chantry (the redoubt of the Monarchist forces) and this is surrounded by a fortified area that houses the population. Beyond this area the town is a ruin, but there are plenty of places to explore and plenty of side-quests to go after should the players be so inclined.

Saxon will be very pleased with their help and will pay them a further 25 caps each for helping him haul his cargo into town. He’ll then let them know that they’re on their own from here in, though he now considers them… acquaintances (Saxon doesn’t really ‘do’ friends. He’ll be staying at the Fallen Angel

Locations in Fort Over

Fort Over is a low level, disliked posting for soldiers and agents of The Monarchy. Low on the totem pole they are not high in priority for food, supplies or good soldiers. It’s even considered to be something of a punishment posting.

Fort Over
Population: 2500 (1 Knight, 1 Noble, 20 Yeoman, 100 conscripts, 20 support staff, 2358 civilians).
History: Former light-industrial, army town and commuter overspill.
Notable Features: Monarchy outpost, relatively unlooted outskirts, well defended.
Economy: Imports fertiliser, scrap, charcoal. Exports electronics, ammunition, weapons.

clockwork1The Chantry

The Chantry is an old shopping centre with a ‘Y’ shaped concourse on a single level. One opens out onto the high street where the market is, one towards the old church and one marks the entrance to the car-park which is really a part of the chantry.

Sir Wilbur Pickles, Knight of Fort Over, quarters in an old coffee shop near the centre of The Chantry, close to repaired glass light-well where there’s plenty of light and rows of planters growing pre-war vegetables. The rest of the old shop-fronts and the ‘backstage’ areas are the lodgings for the Monarchy garrison here and the storage areas for their supplies – most of which are controlled via the Hermes warehouse.

Side Quest
The lower levels – the old service tunnels beneath the Chantry – are damp and largely unused. They regularly get infested with Uranifish which need clearing out, something for which The Monarchy prefers to use mercenaries for such duties, digging around in the dark and the wet. Some scrap and material may remain down there and burrowing uranifish bring in things from other tunnels.

The Library (Inside the Chantry)

The old library was largely ruined in the war and its aftermath, but older and more valuable (intellectually and financially) items survived as they were away in storage, as did the library’s microfilm stores of old news stories and other, limited, locally oriented material. Baronet Giles Hanforth, down from the capital and serving as an archivist for the Monarchy has come here to catalogue the stocks and to send anything worthwhile back to the capital. Sir Pickles is paranoid about his presence and feels undermined and threatened by the presence of someone of Giles’ rank.

Side Quest I
The Baronet has some concern that the old local newspaper may have some material embarrassing to the Monarchy from the pre-war, something that only ghouls really care about. Still, to deal with any potential problem he’s willing to pay 200 caps in scrip for someone to clean out the old newspaper office and bring back electronic, paper, film or microfiche supplies that remain there.

Side Quest II
After they’ve done a few missions and side quests within Fort Over The Baronet will call them to a private meeting. He has sensitive intelligence material that needs to be taken to the Monarchy outpost at Alfred’s Crater and can’t trust the Monarchy soldiers here due to the local commander’s paranoia. The message is an encrypted, unmarked holotape. Decrypting it – (Near Impossible) – reveals that it is an offer of parley to the Monarchy from a group within the Aldermasters.

Hermes (Inside the Chantry)

The Hermes building was both a shopfront and warehouse, using automation and masses of stock of similar items in order to sell fast and cheap as well as offering home delivery. That was then, now it is the main stores and armoury of The Monarchy fortress that is The Chantry. They’ve managed to repair and refurbish the system with their limited resources and now the whole warehouse is a nest of robotic arms and conveyors that can grab and deliver arms, armour or resources from the store with startling rapidity. The terminal that controls this is locked (Really Difficult) but could be subverted to deliver material to the rear of the store or made to attack the handful of support staff inside. The stores contain 500 person/days of food and clean water supplies and enough armour and weapons to replace the equipment of every soldier based in the Chantry.

The Barracks (Inside the Chantry)

The barracks for the soldiers are also set up within the chantry, inside the spaces in the old stores. Metal tubes have been crammed through the backs and ceilings to act as chimneys for cook fires and sleeping bags and purloined beds provide crashspace. Two units of soldiers claim a storefront each, while their Yeomen claim an upper or lower level to split between them – rank having its privileges.

The Car Park & Crown Radio Over (Part of the Chantry)

The old car park that joins on to The Chantry stood up to the war pretty well. It was stripped of metal during the aftermath for salvage and as a result safety rails are largely absent, or inadequate. Old car wrecks were long ago cleared out and the car park is now used as a lookout post, motor pool, garage and the base for the town’s radio station and communications centre.

The lower floor contains the garage, where technicians work on the Boadicea motorcycles and Crecy armoured cars. Fort Over has access to six Boadicea motorcycles with sidecars and three Crecy armoured cars – used for mounted patrols. The remaining floors are kept empty, but ready (the car park being intended to be the final shelter and redoubt during any large scale attack).

The roof is the site of the radio tower, broadcasting Crown Radio Over (pre-war music and current propaganda) over a ten mile radius, while a secondary tower carries encrypted military communications over a twenty-mile radius – reaching as far as Alfred’s Crater.

Side Quest
The radio isn’t the best and uses a lot of valves and other electronic parts to keep going. Supplies are always low and the radio technicians offer a bounty on radio-related electronic parts scavenged from the town. There is an old home electronics depot on the outskirts of town which may have the parts they need if someone wants to scavenge.

The Market

Out the front of The Chantry and past the Gildhaul is the marketplace. Gildsmen and other traders (scrappers, ‘respectable’ raiders, Monarchy suppliers, farmers and tribals) set up here to sell and barter their wares. The Monarchy presence means that trade in certain supplies – such as heavy weapons, power armour and home-made chems is severely restricted and disapproved of.

Albert (Trader 4D, Big Lad 3D, Big Personality 3D, Penny-Pincher) is the best known of the traders, a big, hearty barrel of a man with a voice that rings out over all other noises in the market, shouting out offers on his wares – which are many, varied and random. “Tahn millimetre pisto-lays, two ferra ‘under-ed cahps!”

The Gildhaul

The Gildhaul is a a square, three-storey building that was protected from the worst of the blast-winds by the rest of the town. It’s old, red brick and was very well built in the past. These days it looks a bit shabbier, no windows, a big gaz-burning generator rattling away outside and feeding power to the rooms inside. The Gildhaul is run by the Gild traders and was intended as their waystation but few Gildsmen actually stay there, preferring The Fallen Angel. As a result the Gildhaul is now mostly a flophouse for traders, scavengers and raiders down on their luck and habitual chem users. A night in a communal flop-room (which is at least warm and has light) costs two caps, a private room costs ten, but they only have a handful. Chem dealers, pickpockets and thieves prey on the guests.

Jack – an Hussar warbot refitted for civilian use, acts as the bouncer at the Gildhaul. A legged chassis he’s capable of – tentatively – mounting the stairs but mostly just stays on the bottom level to give people the bum’s rush. Jack has a stutter, the result of a head injury (A republican sniper shot during the civil war).

Jack: Man of Iron 3D, Fisticuffs 4D, Ornery Bastard 2D, 2D melee armour, 3D projectile armour, 1D energy armour, Steel fists do x2+1 damage)

The Fallen Angel

A very, very old pub the Fallen Angel is tucked low between other buildings – which shielded it in the war – and is tucked down a side alley which saved it from casual looting. It’s run by a ghoul, Robin Oddfellow, who claims to have been around since before the war. He brews his own beer and runs a still to make what he calls ‘Eau de vie’ – which is  a much nicer term than moonshine. Part of the building and the cleared-out old antiques store next door has been turned over to guest rooms. A stay overnight costs twenty caps, but is considerably more comfortable than any other options with real beds, oil lamps and charcoal burning stoves.

Robin Oddfellow (or is it Robyn?): Ghoul 2D, Innkeeper 3D, Excellent Liar 3D, Androgynous.

The High Street

The old high street is where most of the citizens of the town live – in the old storefronts, pubs, cafes and apartments around them. Old shipping containers from the backs of trucks, as well as shacks, huts and greenhouses added to the roofs and hanging over the street, shading part of it. It’s crowded, noisy, smelly, a hardscrabble existence – but a reasonably safe one. The high street section is protected by barricaded, empt buildings, streets cut off with welded barriers alarms and traps and regular patrols, both of Monarchy soldiers and mercenaries between contracts – though the pay is minimal.

Locations in Fort Over’s Outskirts

The town’s outskirts are a mass of housing and light commercial properties, in relatively good shape. They’re rich picking grounds for bands of scavengers and provide many hiding places for raiders. There’s also plenty of wildlife and ghouls and clearing and scavenging is slow going, paid for by the consolidation of the Monarchy holdings and the ambitions of the Gild.

Tny Supermarket

An old supermarket directly outside Fort Over, The Tny was long picked clean but it’s a persistent observation post and staging ground for those thinking about attacking, infiltrating or stealing from Fort Over. It regularly needs patrolling, investigating and watching as a result.

Side Quest
The Tny Supermarket is currently playing host to a small gang of raiders who have been paid off by Republic agents to keep an eye on Fort Over and report back – it has been correctly identified as a weak point. They have a holo-recorder which records encrypted reports and a contact with a Republic agent who meets them once a lunar month during the period of the full moon.

The Commercial

The Commercial was the newspaper in the town before the war. Newspaper offices aren’t of particular interest to looters and the office still contains archives, rolls of printing paper and presses. A handful of ghouls (d6+1) nest undisturbed, in a dormant state, amongst the paper rolls in storage.

Cheap & Cheerful & the Deus Cinema

The Cheap & Cheerful was a huge supermarket, virtually a department store. In the aftermath of the war many sought shelter and supplies here but succumbed to fallout. As a result it is utterly infested with ghouls – many of which tramped there out of some instinct after they succumbed – and has a relatively large amount of untouched supplies. Split over two floors, the store has a lower floor of food supplies (many of them subject to the same preservation processes familiar from Fallout) while the upper floor is full of all sorts of home-store junk of all kinds. The floors are virtually littered with dormant feral ghouls.

Above and behind the Cheap and Cheerful is a pair of elevators and a stairwell leading up to the Deus Cinema. The cinema is in a similar state to the Cheap & Cheerful, overrun with ghouls, though it has little of interest to most looters other than stale popcorn.

The College

The old college buildings, attached to a ruined leisure centre, are the base-camp for many of the scavengers that work the town. The college building and its classrooms act as barracks for the varying bands of scavengers, who are – by no means – friends. They mark themselves and their claims with coloured paint to designate what belongs to who, then haul it back for processing. Smaller junk is heaved into the old swimming pool for sorting and picking, while larger scrap is broken up in the old pond between the college buildings or restored before sale.

CuppaCo Tea Factory

CuppaCo was one of the leading tea companies before the war and had a major manufacturing and distribution point in the town. The factory is a virtual ruin and has been heavily looted for tea, picked clean over and over but there may still be some stray teabags here and there. The research part of the building, secured behind a Near Impossible passcode remains untouched, nobody has resorted to blasting through the wall… yet.

Side Quest
The experimental section still contains a supply of preserved tea as well as some experimental brews. Both Baronet Giles and various scavenger crews have their sights set on procuring that tea and it will command a considerable amount of money on the market.

People & Enemies

Sir Wilbur Pickles

Knight of the Realm 4D (Arrogant, snooty, superior)
Politically Alert 3D (Staring eyes)
Master & Commander 4D (Cruel taskmaster)

Health Threshold: 5

Royal Enfield Ray-Rifle MkI: 1D+2 damage and 1 radiation point on hits.
Royal Enfield Ray-Pistol MkI: 1D damage and 1 radiation point on hits.
Sabre: x3 damage

Interface Suit: 1pt against all attacks and radiation.
FAO1AR Power Armour: 4D Melee, 4D Ballistics, Energy 1D, Radiation 1 point. Bonus Die for Strength-based rolls.


Baronet Giles Hanforth

Noblesse Oblige 3D (the common touch)
Researcher 4D (short sighted)
Ghoul 2D (Slightly Glowing)

Health Threshold: 2

Royal Enfield Ray-Pistol MkI: 1D damage and 1 radiation point on hits.
Dagger: x2 damage

Noble’s Undersuit & Fine Clothes: 1D against all damage.

Monarchy Conscript Soldiers

Conscript 2D (Grumbling)
Peasant 2D (Sun-burned)
Grudging 2D (Stubborn)

Health Threshold: 4

Knife: x2
Royal Enfield LMR (Low Material Rifle): 1D+2
Body Armour and Tin Helmet: 2 points Melee, 2 points Energy, 1D+1 Ballistics.

Monarchy Yeoman Soldiers

Free Man: 2D
Command Presence: 2D
Professional Soldier: 3D

Health Threshold: 3

Knife: x2
M72 Gauss Rifle: 1D+2, Armour Piercing
Body Armour and Tin Helmet: 2 points Melee, 2 points Energy, 1D+2 Ballistics.


Monarchy Support Staff

Free Man: 2D
Technician: 3D
Professional Soldier: 2D

Health Threshold: 2

Knife: x2
PPK12 Gauss Pistol: x1D+1 damage, Armour Piercing, Full Auto.
Body Armour: 1D+1