#RPG #Fallout4 – A Very British Fallout Pt 3.

WasteLandUKgridMap2Bone of Contention, Part One

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The morning after the night before the party find themselves approached, first thing, by a one-man caravan (A brahmin with shit tied to its back and – perversely – leather armour). The caravan is run by Dennis Saxon[1], a one-man eccentric trader (who can be used as a replacement character if anyone has died).

Dennis has a proposition.

“Merry meet my friends! You seem down on your luck, yet uncommonly clean and healthy. Perhaps you’d care to listen to a little proposal over a meal. I caught a rabbit this morning…”

He holds up a three-eared rabbit by its rear legs and grins.

Dennis’ proposition is fairly simply. He wants to open up more trade with Bone Temple, who are usually remarkably hostile to outsiders and only begrudgingly go along with The Monarchy or anyone else at the best of times. They dig at this site though, most notably the excavation at the hill.

Dennis wants to deal with the tribals here, jack their shipment of bones and then to return to Bone Temple presenting it as though it’s a favour – their people having been attacked by raiders (a half truth). If the players already dealt with the tribals – fantastic – otherwise Dennis will help them and travel with them to Bone Temple to speak on their behalf.

Assuming they can complete this without trouble, they can proceed to Bone Temple with Saxon and make their introductions.

Bone of Contention, Part Two

Bone Temple is the remnants of a small market town, mostly the old church and the old town centre. It is defended by a big chalky earthen bank around part of the old town, its entrance via a tunnel under an old railway bridge. A carriage, pushed into place over that entrance provides cover for a cadre of tribal warriors armed with bows and spears, to defend against wildlife and raiders. The area around the town is dotted with pit-traps, snares and other nasty traps to dissuade interlopers.

Saxon will be able to persuade the warriors to let the group in, with the bones, and will use the opportunity to form a grudging relationship with the Bone Temple Tribe.

Bone Temple
Population: 240 (80 warriors, 160 non-combatants).
History: Former market town.
Notable Features: Earthen defences, Temple, Watermill, the Bone Temple Stink.
Economy: Imports bone, food, charcoal. Exports: Water, fertiliser, glue, meat.

Bone of Contention, Part Three

Saxon will pay each of them 25 caps from his reward and will offer them more if they’ll escort him in transporting the cargo he’s buying in from the Bone Tribe to Fort Over in a couple of days. While he’s got the Tribe in a good mood he wants to capitalise on it. That leaves them free to explore and to do some ‘side quests’.

Bone Temple Locations & Side Quests

The Entrance

The guards are amongst the best the tribe has and aren’t impressed by outsiders. They will be scornful, rude and ask what claims to heroics the characters have – and that’s not going to be much at this point. If they want to impress the tribe and be considered an honourary ‘brave’ then…

Sidequest: There’s a white radstag, twice the size of a normal one, somewhere in the surrounding fields (first random radstag encounter they have after taking this mission). If they kill it and bring its corpse back the warriors will be impressed and make them honourary members of the Bone Tribe warrior caste. This will give them free, independent access to Bone Temple without Saxon and is worth a Experience Dice.

The Temple

The temple is an old church, plastered white with chalk and clay and bound and covered with animal and human bones, inside and out. Preach, the tribal shaman, resides here with his apprentices, giving blessings, ritually painting the warriors with chalk and bonemeal, and preaching the Bone Tribe creed, which is broadly anti-technology and about ‘Waste not, want not’ and ‘Make do and mend’.

Sidequest: Preach loves rare bones to add to the temple. Those of exotic animals, unique mutants and reknown enemies can be traded in for 10 caps and an Experience Dice each.

The Round

The Round is the central part of the town, an old roundabout surrounded by old shops and apartments. All have long since been cleared out and made into a communal living space. A great roof of tanned radstag hide covers the whole round, giving it the feel of a giant, stinking circus tent. The tribals work hard here, boiling down bones into glue, grinding bones into meal, all for their limited trade with other locations. The place stinks from the constant boiling and cooking, the smoke and the fine powder from the grinding.

Limited trade also goes on here. The Tribals don’t have a lot to trade but they do have jerky, glue, spears, bows, arrows and some scavenged materials from the uninhabited part of town. The characters can equip themselves with bows, arrows and spears, but more complex weaponry will have to wait. The Tribals don’t make them.

The Hart

An old pub, the Hart is now covered in antlers from the many radstags the Tribals have killed over the past century and more. The whole place is now communal living, but very crowded.

Sidequest: The old cellar is locked up, infested with 2d6 uranifish that the warriors see it as beneath them to kill. The residents would be very grateful if the characters cleared it out – it hasn’t been explored and cleared in years, though occasionally it’s opened – just to be sure. If they do clear it, they’ll be rewarded with 10 caps, and will be allowed to keep the contents of the cellar. Most of it has been eaten and destroyed by the uranifish, but 2d6 bottles of ginger beer remain. Along with an old double-barrelled shotgun and a box of 12 shells.

The Watermill

An old tourist spot the wheel still turns here and is used by the Tribals to grind bone down into dust for sale as fertiliser. Grass is also woven by the women and elderly into sacks here, which are then used to store the fertiliser ready for export. The wheel is rattling and grinding, on its last legs, and the people there are very protective and defensive of it.

Sidequest: The wheel needs machine parts, which is against the teachings of Preach and the Tribal’s deliberately primitivist lifestyle. Those who keep it running are willing to make an exception. There are machine tools and parts in the technology centre of the old school – outside the defensive walls – but the school is overrun with 3d6 feral ghouls distributed throughout it [2].

Urban Encounters

Bone Temple


2. A fire breaks out in The Round.
3. The waterwheel breaks down, but is repairable.
4. An angry warrior takes exception to one of the characters and demands satisfaction in a fistfight.
5. A band of 1d6 charcoal burners arrives to do trade, putting everyone on edge.
6-8. Raggedy tribal children trail around after the characters, curiously.
9. A patrol of Monarchist soldiers 1d6 conscripts and a yeoman, turn up to collect their tithe. The mood is sour.
10. A tribal takes a fancy to one of the characters and tries to woo them in their primitive fashion.
11. Preach is conducting some sort of ritual at the temple.
12. The town is under attack by d6+1 raiders, trying to get in through the front gate.

Feral_ghoul_reaverNo Man’s Land (Bone Temple/Small Towns).

Roll 2d6 for location
2. Hi-Radiation spot (re-roll).
3. Rubble.
4. Road (clear).
5. Road (ruined cars).
6-8. Ruined building.
9. Intact (looted) building.
10. Intact (relatively unlooted building).
11. Old encampment.
12. Old checkpoint.

Roll 2d6 for encounter
2-3. 1d6 Uranifish (interior), radroaches (exterior).
4-5. 1d3 wild dogs. [3]
6-8. 1d6 scavengers.
9-10. 1d6 Feral Ghouls.
11. 1d6 Raiders
12. 1d6 Monarchy conscripts, plus a Monarchy yeoman.

[1]. Dennis Saxon – Itinerant Trader

Wasteland Trader: 3D (Unimpressed)
Loner: 2D (Narrow trait, he’s a bit of a jack of all trades)
Gild Member: 2D (Technically neutral)
Negative Trait: Enormous racist (never fails to use a racial slur for ghouls and mutants)

Health Threshold: 4

Dennis carries a Browning 9mm automatic (13 round capacity, x1D damage) in a thigh holster and carries a knife (x2 damage).

He wears a shabby long coat and a battered bowler hat and has a long, scraggly beard.

His brahmin carries a bunch of basic trading materials (about 500 caps worth) – bags of charcoal mostly – and enough jerky, water and berries for 7 person/days of food. He also has an impressive collection of boardgames and a deck of cards.

Dennis is a trader who, up until this point, has preferred to work alone. It makes him seem less threatening to people and gives him access others can’t have. He hails from a town and a group called Gild in the east, a neutral trading group that moves about the wasteland.

A Note on Money

Trade via the Merchant Marines with other nations, including as far flung as the American Wastelands, has made the bottlecap a currency in the British wasteland as well. Bottlecaps have an approximate equivalent value to £5 in 2015 money. Both The Monarchy and The Republic issue pound notes, each note is worth about £1 in modern value in its home territory and half that in the other territory. Caps are a universal currency.

[2] Feral Ghouls

Abomination: 3D (horrific looking).
Feral: 3D (animalistic and violent).
Radioactive: 1D (immune to radiation, successful melee attacks also do 1 rad).

Health Threshold: 5

Claws and teeth: x2 damage.

Feral ghouls, if searched, are carrying…

1. d6 Cigarettes/d3Cigars
2. A shiny trinket, worth a few caps.
3-5. Random junk.
6. A bottle of ginger beer.

Vicious_dog[3] Wild Dogs

Dog: 3D (animal behaviour and senses).
Pack Beasts: 2D (good at working as a team).
Hard-bitten survivor: 2D

Health Threshold 4

Bite: x2 damage.

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