#RPG #Fallout4 A Very British Fallout – Pt 2

Map1His Castle

Having emerged from their bunker (at location 1 on the map where the three rivers join), the characters find themselves in the midst of a copse atop a chalk hill. The first thing they need to do is to find shelter, water and food. The bunker’s power has run out and it is now slowly filling with water (since the pumps are no longer working) meaning it is flooding.

Once they clear the copse they’re greeted with an arresting view.

A slate grey autumn sky hangs over valley between two bone-white hills, sparsely covered in scrubby brown grass and mutated weeds. A muddy lake lays in the shelter of the valley, fed by a small river, surrounded  by the shattered remnants of an old village, most of its buildings long since ruined, but its church’s square steeple stubbornly still pointing at the sky. Atop the hill opposite is the blasted shell of a manor house and carved into its side, in glaring white chalk, is some sort of excavation. Night is drawing in, you’ll have to act fast if you want to claim food and shelter tonight – perhaps somewhere from which to explore.

This is an exploratory adventure, so there’s no real order to it. The goal is to explore and clear the village and to survive the night in something like comfort.

The Copse Hill

The hill that houses their bunker is sparsely covered with trees. A few mutated blackberries, hazelnuts and mushrooms are to be found here and there, enough for 1 person/day of food if they spend a great deal of time gathering them up (30 minutes assuming they split the party and there are 4 of them, roll a random encounter if they do).

Further across the hill are some dilapidated old farm buildings and the rusting hulk of a British Atomics tractor. It’s nothing now but scrap. A couple of sacks of nitrate fertiliser remain sealed and safe in a corner of the cobweb-encrusted barn.

The Mansion Hill

The wrecked mansion sits behind an overgrown wall that remains relatively intact – if covered in brambles and ivy. Past the wall the mansion is a ruin, but it is a neat ruin, not overgrown, no weeds, a pristine gravel path leading to the ruin of the house and the more intact garage building.

The main house’s roof has collapsed in and it is little more than a heap of rubble surrounded by grand walls. One pile of rubble has been moved back and forth several times but this is Hard to notice. Beneath that pile is a set of metal stairs beneath what was once the kitchen, leading down to a cellar. The cellar is stocked with old wine and spirits – no food – as well as three adult skeletons in fine clothing, immaculately cared for by Leicester, the butler robot[1]. An old emergency fusion generator continues to keep the cellar cool, lit and air conditioned. A robot charging station also occupies one corner, fed by the generator.

The garage houses a British Atomics Gallant family roadster with the vanity plate ‘Cheese1t’, it has no fuel and is only still pretty on a ‘skin deep’ basis. The engine is rusted solid and its fusion battery is missing (used to keep the generator going).

The mansion as a whole is guarded by Leicester, a paranoid butler robot who will brook no intruders.

The Church Building

The church building is surrounded by graves, but all of these look to have been dug up over the years, the bones missing. A few ancient, twisted yew trees survive to this day and while the church no longer has windows, it seems relatively secure. There’s even a tiny flicker of firelight coming from inside.

Inside the pews are long gone, a stinking fire of bones, wood and brahmin dung burns away in the centre of the old church, surrounded by three members of the Bone Tribe[2], who are complacently sitting around the fire, trying to keep warm, and cooking a couple of squirrels.

They are enraged by the presence of the characters, screaming at them as blasphemers and leaping to the attack with flint knives, spears and a bow.

The church is draughty – lacking windows and doors – but keeps the worst of the rain off. The two squirrels – along with some other scraps of jerky and other food they have (contaminated of course) provides two person/days of food.

[NB – If offered any particularly rare or lovely bones they might accept a peaceful approach]

The Bone Mine

The gaping hole in the side of the hill, at the bottom of the slope, far beneath the mansion, is a ‘bone mine’. Shortly after the war a plague spread across Britain’s farm animals, wiping many of them out and survivors were forced to make a cull. That mass of cattle and sheep were buried here. A rich vein of bones for the Bone Tribe to dig out. Their picks are here (antlers mostly) along with a wagon loaded down with animal bones. A brahmin grazes thistles and scrub nearby.

The Village Shop

Long-ago looted, the village shop is mostly a collapsed wreck, rusted tills, soaked shelving. Only the back storeroom is intact and that locked (Moderate). If forced or picked there’s a mostly cleared-out storeroom, though there’s still a couple of bottle of Nuka Cola and Blighter’s Ginger Beer, a bottle of scotch and a few packs of Rudyard’s snack cakes. Enough for two person/days of food.

d6 Uranifish (see previous adventure) lurk in the main, collapsed section, feasting on the wooden shelving and other rotten remains.

The Doctor’s Office

The Doctor’s Office is relatively intact, though its doors are missing and leaves and twigs have long flooded in. Under a pile of leaves in the reception office is a locked terminal (Moderate) which contains a diary from the village doctor describing the aftermath of the bombs and a riot of sick villagers who smashed their way into the office. He claims to have saved what few supplies he could by stuffing them behind the radiator in the waiting room. Sure enough there is a tin containing bandages, antiseptic, a dose of Radaway and two Stimpacks behind the radiator. Radaway removes d6 points of radiation. Stimpacks immediately heal a level of harm.

The Village School

Partially smashed, the remaining half of the school is a nest of 2d6 Uranifish. If they can be dealt with the intact classrooms contain a few patches of ancient carpet, masses of Uranifish eggs, a few old children’s toys and a couple of intact children’s books high on a shelf.

The Wrecked Houses

Most of the village is a mass of wrecked houses that could be picked over, but contain only rusted and rotten junk – and bricks. The larger houses play host to d6 uranifish but, otherwise, there’s no sign of life nor anything much worth searching out.

BloatflyThe Lake

The lake is a stagnant mass of radioactive sludgy water at all. A few mutated wading birds pick around the edge. An island in the middle has a couple of dead trees and a little rowboat on it. Swimming out to it will cause d6+1 rads, but the boat has intact fishing gear – though getting a fish out of this lake is Near Impossible and its very radioactive when you do.

d6 Bloatflies[3] hover over the water and will only attack if anyone tries to cross or takes a crack at them.

The River

The river is very low and shallow. It’s fresher than the lake, but not by much.

Random Wasteland Encounters

Roll for a Wasteland Encounter every five miles in the wilderness. You get one on a 5-6.

Encounter location d6
1. Ruined village.
2. Ruined farmstead.
3-4. Open ground.
5. Copse.
6. Woodland.

Thumbnail_zombie_crowEncounter Roll 2d6 (+1 if travelling by road)

2. d6 Tribals
3. d6+1 Tribals and a brahmin cart
4. 1d3 wild dogs.
5. Harmless wildlife encounter: (1-3 radcrows, 4-5 wild radsheep, 6 radstag)
6. Harmless wildlife encounter: (1-3 glowcrows, 4-5 wild brahmin, 6 radstag)
7. Harmless wildlife encounter: (1-3 glowcrows, 4-5 wild radhog, 6 radstag)
8. d6 refugees/settlers
9. Monarchy military patrol d6 conscripts +1 yeoman.
10. d6 raiders in camp.
11. d6 raiders laying in ambush.
12. Wandering trader and two guards.
13. Mounted monarchy military patrol 1-3 – Two Boadicea motorcycles and sidecars (4 yeomen) 4-6 – Crecy Armoured Car (6 yeoman).


BoneTemple is a ruined town and the home of the Bone Tribe.

Fort Over

An outpost of the Monarchy, Fort Over is a minor posting amidst the ruins of an old town.

[1]. Leicester the Butler Robot – A BRCA-J1 unit, considered a classic. Leicester is a legged model in British racing green, sporting a glued on monocle, a bowler hat and a black plastic moustache. Armed with a long-barrelled shotgun and ten spare shells he valiantly attempts to fight off any intruders and the rose garden has several intruders he has killed, buried in the rose garden. He hides out in the garage hoping intruders will go away and attacks if intruded upon.

Man of Iron: 3D (Clanking, whirring, heavy)
A Classic Design: 2D (Shiny green paint)
I live to Serve: 2D (Polite, butlery mannerisms).

Health Threshold: 3

Armour: 3D melee, 3D firearms.

Leicester is armed with a 12 gauge, double-barrelled shotgun capable of ‘semi automatic’ fire (letting off the second barrel).
His robot claw-hands can do x2 damage.

[2]. The Bone Tribe

The Bone Tribe claims Bone Temple as their home and base of operations. They are a relatively civilised tribe who owe fealty to the Monarchy and to Fort Over. Despite this, they lay claim to certain sites as holy – including this village. The Monarchy stays clear (there’s nothing of value here) and lets them do their thing.

Tribal Warrior: 2D (Ritually scarred, smeared white with chalk)
Religious Fanatic: 2D (bone charms)
Primitive Survivor: 2D (bad teeth)

Health Threshold: 4D

Armour: Hide – Melee 1D.

Flint knives: x2
Flint spears: x3
Shortbow: x3

[3]. Bloatflies

Bloatflies are hideous, flying, gigantic, mutated flies that barf acidic and poisonous vomit.

Small & Fast: 2D (bobbing and weaving constantly)
Disgusting: 2D (smell so bad)
Fat & Hairy: 1D (look so ugly)

Health threshold: 1

Armour: Chitin – All 1 point.

Vomit: 2m range, x3 damage, if it does any damage the poison does another d6 damage against Health Threshold on the following turn.

Bloatflies (and uranifish) provide 1 person/day of food for every three that are killed and harvested, but it’s disgusting.