#RPG – Veteran Artist Brad McDevitt Seeking Work

144999Since the early days of Postmortem Studios I’ve worked alongside Brad McDevitt, a veteran RPG industry artist, selling stock art for him and giving him plenty of work on my projects.

Brad has recently gone back full-time as an artist and is looking for more work while he makes the transition.

I cannot recommend Brad enough as an artist. In an industry of flakes and broken promises Brad is consistent and reliable to a fault, talented and willing and able to turn his hand to virtually any project, without charging the Earth for his work – though he’d be worth more.

Our working relationship has lasted almost ten years and I count Brad as a good friend, as well as an inspiration in the art of the graft.

142682If you need a good, reliable artist for a project Brad is absolutely your man and he’d be great for related work on items such as visual novels, short story covers and others.

Check him out at http://www.bradleykmcdevitt.net/

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