Gamers Discussing #GamerGate Scandal Are Being Harassed; Where’s the Coverage? This Article Will Be Regularly Updated With Documented Harassment Of Gamers.

One of many resources on harassment suffered by GG supporters which has gone ignored by the press, otherwise falling over themselves to publicise such issues.

Citizen Journalist Jennifer J Medina

*1/12/15 02:03 PM Since this apparently needs to be restated at start although it is in the introductory section of this document:
I find this endeavor especially important due to the little coverage by mainstream media of the harassment gamers receive that discuss #GamerGate. Instead, we mainly witness coverage of harassment those opposed to discussing the #GamerGate scandal receive.
This article is meant to give light to what is barely getting any mainstream media coverage. It is covering gamers discussing #GamerGate. This piece is NOT meant to show “both sides.” Thank you*

There was a fairly recent Pew Poll done on the prevalence of online harassment. Apparently four-in-ten people have experienced some form of online harassment in their experience on the internet.

Online harassment is a serious issue for people of all identities; whether male, female, homosexual, transgender, white, black, Asian, etc. According to the poll,


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