#RPG Fistful of Horror 2 RELEASED!

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From the author of the ‘100’ series of Adventure Seeds books, a new, shorter form source of inspiration for Games Masters. They might be adventures, non-player-characters, monsters, places… all ready to be dropped into your campaign, regardless of system.

In this booklet:

Head and Heart: There are more kinds of ‘vampire’ than the sparkly kind and some are truly bizarre and disgusting.

Small Town America: Ghost towns may be haunted, but it’s not always by ghosts. Isolation can make people crazy and town pride can get out of control.

Burn Baby Burn: Its not always the vampires that are the predators or humans the prey. Challenging the status quo is dangerous for any man – alive or not.

Stitched Up: Taxidermy, especially the strange and creative side, is a dying art. Here’s why.

Wandering Souls: What lengths would you go to for companionship if you were the only one of your kind in existence?