#RPG Fistful of Horror 1: RELEASED!

Continuing in the tradition of the 100 Adventure Seeds books and Fistful of Fantasy, comes Fistful of Horror, five one-page game inspiration ideas with the legend, the truth and three or more story ideas for your games.

In this booklet:

The Seven: An horrific circus with seven rings, one for each circle of hell.

She Keeps Her Council: Something evil and manipulative squats in a squalid sink estate, a no-go area where the police will never investigate. Its power grows.

Beauty Never Fades: Most strip clubs are tacky, horrid, disappointing places. Not this one, but what could motivate such beauty to work at such a small, hidden place for – seemingly – little reward.

Hand and Fist: A pair of demon hunters, on the run from the law – who don’t believe the occult even exists. These men are heroes to the occult underground and rely on them to support them and hide them, but they’re not what they seem.

Windows to the Soul: What if madness is contagious? What if the murderous impulse is alive and has a destructive will of its own?

You can get it HERE.


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