#RPG #Art – Zel Memorial Scholarship

105070In case you forgot, I run a modest scholarship intended to help out kids (high school, college, university, art college) with an interest in SF&F art (and horror, comics and all the rest of the nerdosphere).

Its not a huge amount of money, usually, but it should help with rent for a month or two, help you get art supplies, keep you in ramen noodles AND its a nice thing to put on your CV when you leave schooling.

School often isn’t… the most welcoming environment for those with an interest in fantasy art either. Kids who like the illustrative and fantastical often face an uphill struggle against the preconceptions and prejudices of the people who are supposed to be teaching them. This fund and the recognition it brings can also be a useful boost to the self esteem of an artist.

How can I support this?

  • You can donate money. (You can also donate direct, contact me for details).
  • You can donate art to be sold as stock art to raise money throughout the year.
  • You can spread the word.

How can I enter?

  • Make some art suitable for resale as stock art (300 dpi, PNG, JPG or TIF).
  • Submit it.
  • Wait to hear.
  • Even if you don’t win, if your work is good enough you can donate it to help raise money for next year.

Short Version FAQ

Q: What content is permissible?

Your piece should be broadly ‘nerdy’. So horror, science fiction, fantasy, comic book, superhero, all that sort of thing. It should be original – no copying anything that already exists. Otherwise whatever you want. Landscape, people, action, posing, spacecraft, weapons, whatever you damn well please!

Q: Colour or B&W?

A: Either. Be aware that B&W art tends to sell better and will raise more money for the scholarship in the long run.

Q: Size?

A: When I order art it’s usually at A4, A5 or A6, 300 dpi. Try to stick to those sizes, but this is not an absolute necessity.

Q: Adult content?

A: Adult content is acceptable but any thumbnails will have to be censored when selling the work, so keep that in mind. Zel worked on adult projects so adult art is perfectly acceptable, he also worked on LGBT comics and pieces, so work of those themes is also more than acceptable. Hardcore adult material is harder to sell in some ways, but nudity isn’t an issue in and of itself.

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