Ley Line Walker (RIFTSpost)

tumblr_ltfm3ztJbX1qd7m1so1_1280Ley Line Walker

Ley line walkers are non-traditional magicians, able to see leylines and magical energy from devices, people and spells.

Stunt: Sense Magic
Leyline walkers have an always-on ability to sense and identify magic, technomagic, leylines and rifts within line-of sight for magic and within ten miles for rifts and leylines.

Stunt: Ley Line Manipulation
The Ley Line Walker can use their power to manipulate and use ley-lines that they are standing on or near. Spending a Fate point they can…

  • Hold a conversation with someone else magically or psychically sensitive on the same line.
  • Teleport or fly along a leyline to its end or junction.
  • Tap into a leyline to heal all stress and all complications once per day.
  • Create a remote observer of ley energy to project their senses forward or back along the line.
  • Create a Ley-line forcefield able to absorb 4 stress before collapsing.

Stunt: Spells x3

Ley Line Walkers start with 9 spells from levels 1-4.

Refresh: 0

Ley Line Rifters replace the forcefield sub ability with the ability to hitchhike on any teleportation or dimensional rifting teleportation ability by spending a Fate point.

Unless I run a game I don’t think I’ll bother converting more, I think I’ve shown that this would work – very well – for running RIFTS in a faster, looser, fashion.

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