Adventurers & Scholars (RIFTSPost)

City_RatBody Fixer

Body Fixers are broadly experienced medical practitioners with enormous field experience that they can bring to bear on the huge and bewildering variety of medical issues that present themselves on the chaotic post-Rifts world.

Stunt: D-Bee Familiarity
Dealing with alien physiologies etc causes no penalty for a Body Fixer when healing or otherwise treating such a creature.

Stunt: Diagnostic
Body Fixers gain a +2 bonus to diagnose and treat diseases, poisons and even supernatural ailments such as possession.

Body fixers get a third, free stunt of their choice.

Refresh: 3

City Rat

City Rats can choose their stunts freely, based around their lives as survivors on the lowest rungs of the Coalition (or similar) cities.

Refresh: 3

Cyber Doc

Cyber Docs find, install and maintain people’s cybernetic implants.

Stunt: Cyberspecialist
Cyber-Docs gain a +2 bonus to repair, install and fix cyborg implants.

Stunt: Black Market Contacts
Cyberdocs have a +2 bonus to find, purchase, sell or fence cybernetic implants.

Cyber Docs have an extra, free stunt.

Refresh: 3


Similar to a Cyber Doc in many regards, the Operator’s concerns relate to machines – and parts.

Stunt: Machine Zen
Operators have a +2 bonus to repair, jury rig or modify machinery.

Stunt: Black Market Contacts
Operators have a +2 bonus to find, purchase, sell or fence mechanical parts.

Operators have an extra, free stunt.

Refresh: 3

Rogue Scholar

Wandering explorers and teachers, Rogue Scholars unearth the truth of the past and chase rumours, myths and legends for truth.

Stunt: Gift of the Gab
Rogue Scholars are excellent yarn-spinners and teachers, gaining a +2 bonus to all such activities.

Stunt: Artefact Hunter
+2 bonus to chase down rumours or to remember where certain artefacts and information are purported to be stored.

Stunt: Artefact Master
+2 bonus to identify, authenticate, restore and repair artefacts, papers, scrolls, devices and other bygone material.

Refresh: 3

Rogue Scientist

An explorer, researchers and savant, the Rogue Scientist seeks to understand the present, rather than to explore the past. They seek solutions to create a brighter future for all mankind.

Stunt: Analysis
The Rogue Scientist gains a +2 bonus to interact with and understand any scientific or pseudo-scientific device or data.

Stunt: Hypothesise
You may spend a FATE point to get a clue from the Games Master in response to a specific question. If they refuse, you gain a FATE point (once per scene).

Stunt: Black Market Contacts
Rogue Scientists +2 bonus to find, purchase, sell or fence scientific devices or materials.

Refresh: 3


Drifters and refugees who have stayed on the road, Vagabonds have been far and seen a great deal. Hard knocks has been their university.

Stunt: Eyeball
Spend a FATE point for the Games Master to give you a basic rundown on the personality and trustworthiness of a person.

Vagabonds get two free stunts.

Refresh: 3

Wilderness Scout

Away from the fortress cities, life in the wilds is often short and survival is a moment-to-moment necessity rather than an occasional curiosity. Wilderness Scouts not only survive, they thrive.

Stunt: Cross Country
The Wilderness Scout gains a +2 bonus to move or sneak through wilderness terrain along with anyone else in their party/unit.

The Wilderness Scout gets two more free stunts.

Refresh: 3

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