Juicer (RiftsPost)



Juicers hyper-accelerate their bodies with powerful drugs. None live more than six years beyond the commencement of their use of the drug.

Stunt: Drugged Physique
Juicers are hyped up and on edge constantly thanks to the drugs pumping through their system. They get a free +1 to any feats of strength, endurance, reflexes or dexterity.

Stunt: Painless
Juicers can endure a huge amount of pain and physical trauma. They gain an extra point of Physical Stress and a second minor consequence.

Stunt: Turbo-Metabolism
Juicers automatically heal their worst consequence after every scene.

Refresh: 3

Juicers start flexplate (+1 Armour), JA-11 energy rifle, energy pistol and vibro knife.


joaquinMerc Soldier

Mercenaries are ubiquitous across RIFTS earth, hired guns and blades can be found anywhere and everywhere but the exceptional ones can make a real mark.

Mercs are a generic character type and can combine almost any sort of abilities in new combinations. They have three stunts of the player’s choice and Refresh of 3.




tr-00410Robot Pilot

Robot Pilots are heavy weapons experts who specialise in power armour and giant robots.

Robot Pilots can choose one stunt alongside either Power Armour or Giant Robot synergy.

Stunt: Synergy
While piloting whichever type of suit they specialise in, the character gains a +1 bonus to all actions within that suit. This is less powerful but more versatile than Glitter Boys.

Stunt: Suit
Power Armour and giant robots are serious pieces of hardware. Having this stunt grants initial access and guaranteed swift access to such a suit.

Power armour: NG-Samson.
Giant Robot: Titan