RIFTS – Crazies (RIFTSpost)

20100501 crazyCrazies

I’m not including any details as those can be found in the RIFTS book and I don’t want to tread on anyone’s rights or anything here, or to remove the need for the actual books.

Crazies in a FATE version of RIFTS would have the following traits:

Stunt: Superhuman Physique
Crazies have enhanced bodies, giving them superhuman Strength and Endurance. In any test involving strength or endurance they get a +1 bonus.

Stunt: Superhuman Speed
Crazies have augmented reflexes and agility. In any test involving speed or agility they get a +1 bonus.

Stunt: Enhanced Senses
Crazies have enhanced, twitchy, senses and gain a +2 bonus when rolling on those senses.

Stunt: Regeneration
Crazies remove their least bad consequence each scene, along with their physical stress.

Stunt: Psionics
Crazies can choose three minor psionic powers from Sensitive or physical lists (excluding Astral Projection, Ectoplasm, Object Read and Telekinesis). Technically each spell operates as a Stunt, but this is considered a single Stunt. Additional powers later on are considered individual stunts when purchased.

Refresh: 1

Crazies start with a negative aspect relating to an insanity and whenever they buy a new Stunt or increase their Refresh they must take another (maximum 8 insanities from this cause).

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