#Gamergate – End Game & Olive Branch

olive-branch-wallpaperIt’s time to bring this home, but neither side is talking to the other and that’s a problem.

Whether you think people are faking or not, there have been suicidal thoughts and feelings of being threatened over this conflict because it is so inexorably linked to people’s identities. I have been loath to use my own self-destructive episode to aid Gamergate but I have also seen that the other side has dominated and diverted the conversation with a narrative of abuse that, contrary to the media image, is not one sided.

We have to get some sort of resolution before someone is driven over the edge.

I’m writing this before I leave for the USA on a break and I’m scheduling it to drop on Saturday.

What I would like is for some of the more reasonable people on both sides to get in touch and begin to try to find acceptable, reasonable solutions to Gamergate issues and the broader issues for which Gamergate has been a proxy war.

I’ve had a shock, I think others have too and I think shared pain is an opportunity to at least open a useful conversation.

My email is grim@postmort.demon.co.uk

Please reshare this, pass it on to people from the opposition who seem reasonable and to people on the Gamergate side who seem reasonable. Ask them to pass it on to others and let’s try to find people from both sides that can create a blueprint for the future.

I don’t know whether this will work or not, but it seems to be worth at least trying.

Stripped of the context and battle-lines I think there are less differences than people think and I don’t think anyone, really, can credibly say they’re against ethical journalism.

There’s a chance for conversation.

Let’s give it a try.