Gorean Chronicles: Yet More Q&A

gor_assasinsPlease keep the questions coming and FUND IT!

We’re almost out of time but if websites, podcasts, youtube shows or anyone else would care to interview me or run a feature, please let me know.

Q: Will the print books be hardcover or softcover?

A: The first runs will be Print on Demand, for which the shipping is the issue. Shipping on hardcover is prohibitively expensive. Originally the project wasn’t going to offer print at all, because crowdfunding really isn’t so much about ‘preorder’ as it is supporting projects – at least IMO. Money pledged in exchange for books, obviously, comes with an associated cost that eats into the money available for funding.

Short answer ‘No’. Long answer ‘hardcovers will be made available for direct order, but not as part of this’.

Q: Will the RPG book have anything about converting the game to other OGL RPG systems? I think that would be a very cool extra.

A: Such as Pathfinder you mean? What other systems did you have in mind? FATE? Something else? Some of these would be more work than others, but yes, it sounds like a viable proposition. It won’t be in the main book however. Perhaps in a supplement.

Q: Beyond this campaign, what support will Postmortem Studios extend to the Gor RPG? Will there be further adventures published? If non-adventure supplements are written, what will they focus on? Will future Gor novels (if any) receive RPG coverage?

A: The intent is to produce a complete game. Producing new material if fraught with difficulty because – in theory – more novels will still be coming out, creating canonicity issues. Plus Mr Norman is – naturally – quite protective of his work and his world. Adventure books with some non-canonical ‘travelogue’ material seem like the best compromise, plus I’ll be able to offer unofficial support on the blog.

Will the RPG book feature a section that gives game statistics for established characters? What about stats for the Priest-Kings and their technology?

One response to “Gorean Chronicles: Yet More Q&A

  1. With regards to converting the Gor RPG to another system, I’m a bit torn. I suspect that FATE would be the much easier conversion; that said, Pathfinder would be the one I’d like to see most, though it’d certainly be a task to make.

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