Gorean Chronicles: Playing as a Slave



Playing as a slave in a Gorean RPG may not seem like the ideal choice for most players, despite the long appeal of stories that derive from slavery situations. Spartacus, for example, is a classic story that’s been told in various forms and, in the most recent TV series, is very, very Gorean in tone and content. Slave revolts occur in the Gor books and for female slaves, despite the gender philosophy of the setting, there are also the Talunas and Panther Girls.

Most stories involving slave girls within Gor are love stories, indeed the common thread throughout the entire series is the tension of the relationship between Tarl and Talena, played out in geopolitics, honour, bitterness and – perhaps – reconciliation.

Fighting slaves of various kinds are good characters for a combat oriented game and a good way for the group to raise money and make a reputation for themselves. Female slaves are, perhaps, a little more difficult unless the player is happy taking on all that that entails. For those who want some insulation from the impositions upon a slave, it would be best to be linked with another player character or with a powerful NPC. Even more safety might come from being linked with a female NPC or player character. Gorean honour won’t, so much, allow them to interfere with another’s property without their permission – at least in most circumstances.

Most slaves are unarmed, but that doesn’t make them useless. You could view a slave almost as a ‘healer’ class for the group, taking care of food, comfort, providing distractions and running interference for the rest of the group. Slaves might not be able to be physically dangerous – most of the time – but they’re far from useless. Slaves have an advantage in being ‘beneath notice’ and somewhat immune to threats. Slaves – who follow most of the social rules – are there to be captured and traded, not killed, which can give a creative player a huge amount of leeway and opportunity to get up to all kinds of shenanigans.

To reiterate then:

  • Slave stories are often romance stories on Gor.
  • Fighting slaves are extremely useful characters to the group.
  • Serving and pleasure slaves can be really good as ‘support’ characters for the rest of the group.
  • Slave revolts make for dynamic and high-stakes stories.

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