Gorean Chronicles: One Week Left – Q&A

For those who are interested, there’s quite an interesting interview with John Norman from 2011 on iO9. It’s not perfect, but it’s reasonably respectful and gives him plenty of space to talk. HERE is the link.

So I open the floor here, or on Twitter (@grimachu), or on Facebook, or on G+ (James Desborough on both) for questions.

I’ve got a few for you guys though…

How can I reach more people this week?

If you haven’t pledged to help the project, how can I get you to?

How can I squeeze more money out of you if you have?

What else can I offer?

What would convince you to pledge?

Here’s a classic Vallejo Gorean cover for you to ogle 🙂


5 responses to “Gorean Chronicles: One Week Left – Q&A

  1. I’m of the opinion that successful crowd-funding is purely a matter of getting the word out to enough people. I only found out about this campaign from an interview you gave on a blog, when it was already halfway over; no other mainstream tabletop gaming site had mentioned it (that I had seen)!

    My advice would be to make a big push to get the word out. I tried to have this campaign headlined as a news item at EN World, but was quietly ignored – perhaps you could contact them to try and get them to run it there? (Or if they did when the campaign first began, then have them re-announce that it has just a few days left.)

  2. I had left a question when you did the first “AMA”, and you never bothered to reply.

    Doesn’t instill me with a lot of confidence.

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