Gorean Chronicles: The Warrior Caste Template


Themistocles is probably a better model of a Gorean warrior than Leonidas. Image from 300: Rise of an Empire

Gorean Chronicles uses the D6 System, which can use templates – standard character ‘types’ – which you can customise to create your own character. Below is a sample template for a member of the warrior caste.

Caste of Warriors

The Caste of Warriors are fighters without peer, the elite standing army of civilised Gor, men whose skill at arms is known and feared. Warriors are well regarded and feared – and with good reason. If you want to play a Tarnsman you should play a warrior, put some of your extra dice into Tarn Riding and be prepared to put some hard work and a lot of money into gaining a new tarn to ride.

Add six dice to Abilities and five dice to Skills to customise this template.

Agility 2D

  • Athletics 2D+1
  • Blades 2D+2
  • Clubs 2D+1
  • Evade 2D+1
  • Fistfight 2D+1
  • Riding 2D+1
  • Spears 2D+2
  • Stealth 2D+1
  • Throwing 2D+1

Dexterity 3D

  • Crossbow 3D+1
  • Draft Beast 3D+1
  • Rope Work 3D+1

Body 3D

  • Fitness 3D+1
  • Endurance 3D+1
  • Run 3D+1
  • Survival 3D+1
  • Swimming 3D+1

Reason 2D

  • Healing 2D+1
  • Initiative 2D+1
  • Kaissa 2D+1
  • Navigation 2D+1
  • Scholar 2D+1
  • Senses 2D+1

Arts 1D

Charm 1D

  • Animal Handling 1D+1
  • Command 1D+1
  • Intimidation 1D+1
  • Slave Handling 1D+1
  • Will 1D+1


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