Gorean Chronicles: The Final Stretch and the Kur Invasion


We’re into the last ten days of the campaign and largely stalled at 50% funding. Traditionally, the beginning and end of a campaign is when the greatest amount of funding comes in, so we do still have a chance to raise our target amount.

With your help we can definitely do it. If each of you does your bit and reshares the campaign to your friends and on websites, we can get that last bit of cash. The project will move forward either way, but the more money we can raise now the more quickly that will happen and the better it will be…

To whit…

The Kur threaten to invade our lands once more, marching down from the frigid north in great numbers. Their agents have moved ahead of them, spreading dissent, teaching the men of the north to be ‘civilised’ and robbing them of their fighting spirit.

Some resistance remains, but will it be enough to rouse the men of Gor to battle? At the fighting camp the skalds wait to tell the tales that will fire the blood of warriors to become that of heroes, they just need enough men to tell…

Three more contributors: A band of 50 warriors will be told tales of the ice beasts. (Early access to anyone who has donated $10 or more to the raw document files for the books).

100 Total Contributors: A band of 100 warriors will be told of the time Tarl Red-Hair and the men of the north turned back the Kur in living memory. (A free starting adventure will be added to the rewards at every level and the art-booklet PDF will be reinstated).

150 Total Contributors: ?

Here is a classic Achilleos interpretation of the Kur for inspiration.


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