Gorean Chronicles: The Priest Kings


A classic cover – though Priest Kings are a bit more like a mantis


The Priest Kings are the force behind Gor and the driving force of much of the societal nature of Gor. It is the Priest Kings who set the technology and armour rules, it appears to be the Priest Kings whose anti-like society of strict castes and roles, that drives much of Gorean politics. It is the Priest Kings whose – detached and alien – perspective appears to inform the way they keep humans in a ‘state of nature’, compared with the society of humans on Earth.

The world of Gor itself, appears to be very ancient and the Priest Kings claim to have transported it from its original place. The life on it seems to stem from different worlds and different times, perhaps brought there as some sort of ‘zoo’. The presence of the spider people near Ar, the ‘wild’ Kur and beasts that may come from Earth’s past (as well as fossils and bones) make the whole world seem like one gigantic experiment.

It’s interesting to think how an alien intelligence might look at humanity and might consider our ‘state of nature’. The way we study ourselves is necessarily, inherently biased by the fact that we are humans and that we like to think of ourselves certain ways, as exceptional and not as animals like every other animal. Whether we agree with the conclusions of the Priest Kings or not (I wouldn’t) it’s still a fascinating way to look at things and the way that Gorean society might mirror that of wild animals – in a more complex fashion.

The Priest Kings are the ‘deus ex machina’ for the Gorean setting. Their technology is near magical, they are secretive and unknown to most, they can hide planets from detection and manipulate society, they can strike down those they chose to with the flame death and eliminate technology that breaches their rules.

The ‘cold war’ between the Priest Kings and the Kur underlies almost everything in the Gorean chronicles.  It’s at work at every level and it’s a disinterested alien intelligence, versus monstrous cannibals. Is there any, possible, winner at all in such a conflict?

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  1. With your permission, I’m going to put a link to your indiegogo fund for a Gorean Tabletop RPG in the Second Life Gorean RP groups.

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