Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample K



Kaiila: Virtually unknown in northern Gor, the kaiila is a silken-furred, carnivorous, lofty creature used as a mount by the Wagon People, the tribes of the Tahari and the Red Savages. Warm blooded, but without breasts, young kaiila are able to hunt as soon as they can stand.

Kaiila are swift and agile but lack the power of tharlarion, making them better suited to light cavalry and skirmish actions than to full-on assaults. Kaiila have large eyes each side of their heads, triple-lidded against dust, four rows of fangs and soft, padded, clawed feet.

They stand twenty to twenty-two hands at the shoulder with tremendous stamina, able to run six hundred pasangs a day on solid ground and fifty over dunes. Despite their usefulness as a mount, Kaiila are highly strung and vicious which makes training them and riding them a feat of courage. Southern Kaiila range in color from gold to black while Sand Kaiila are almost always tawny.

The Sand Kaiila subspecies is smaller and does suckle its young with a red milk (which contains blood). Sand kaiila are omnivorous, unlike their cousins, and have larger, more padded paws with webbed toes for moving on sand.

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