Gorean Chronicles – Worldbook Sample ‘I’



Interior: The Gorean interior is a lush area of Savannah and jungle. While the forest is fecund, the soil is generally poor, making farming on any scale a challenge and meaning that villages have to move around to avoid exhausting the soil.

The interior is constantly divided by tribal warring, especially before the planting season when they travel and seek out new places to set up. In the jungle it rains twice a day, late in the afternoon and late in the evening, virtually every day. Strange dialects and languages are numerous and there are tribes of talunas, pygmies, cannibals and others lurking everywhere.

In the interior slaves are denoted by white shell necklaces and anklets rather than a traditional collar, they are mostly taken from other tribes and kept under terrible discipline by the men and women of their ‘new’ village.

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