Gor: Crowdfunding Update

Art1We’re nearly halfway through the crowdfunding appeal now and we’re at 42% of our goal. I’d like to get that to 50% over the next two days, which means convincing you to give up another $400 or so between you.

One thing I’m offering, as an exclusive to backers, is a PDF booklet of Michael’s art, at larger scale and without the distractions of text, for those who back the project as an exclusive for those who get the PDF books and print.

How else can I convince you to give up some cash? Tell me and let me know! Also please be sure and do me a favour and pass on information about the project to all and sundry. The more money we get, the more art Michael can do and the better the final products will be.

Also, don’t forget, even if you’re not a roleplayer, the world book will make a great art and information resource on the book series and a fine thing to own in its own right, quite apart from the game.





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