Chronicles of Gor – Playing Online

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Finding people to play with can be tricky these days, unless you live in a city. There’s also a huge amount of existing Gorean roleplay opportunities online so it makes sense to look into ways of using the Gorean Chronicles game to play online.

In something like Second Life with its options for weapons, shooting etc the Gorean roleplay system is, perhaps, of less interest – though an RPG is better able to model a degree of a character skill that may differ from that of the player. It might, though, be possible for a script writer to modify those systems to bare relation to a character’s statistics and capabilities. It’s in social interactions, or skill interactions where a system can shine or fill in the gaps – though social interactions are normally better served by pure roleplay.

Text based roleplay still exists in various formats, and one thing you need there is speed. The D6 System is pretty simple, which helps, but also has the option of being further simplified by being reduced down to a single D6 roll, added to a number. Which also aids speed. A character with a skill in archery of 4D+1 could simplify that to 12+the Wild Die.

The simplicity also allows for a LARP style ‘finger draw’ with this same bonus. While I don’t expect to see many people LARPing Gor (not that there aren’t Gorean themed meet-ups and lifestylers, but that’s not really the same thing). That can also allow for impromptu games on hangouts and many dice bots exist on websites, as forum plug-ins, IRC servers, webchat hosts and many, many other sources. Being able to roll one or more six-sided dice being the most commonly available.

While Chronicles of Gor is designed for tabletop play (or virtual tabletop play) it has been written with ease of online play in mind.

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    This has to be one of the only resource sites that I have found that has any consideration what so ever for Gor Role-Play and Gorean RP online. I recommend anyone interested to check out Postmortem Studios blog/website amazing resource brilliantly done.

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