Gorean Chronicles: Art by Michael Manning

The artist we hope to use throughout both books, Chronicles of Gor and World of Gor, is Michael Manning.

Michael Manning (born 1963) is an American comic book artist and writer, fine art illustrator, and traditionally trained animator currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his graphic novel series, The Spider Garden and Tranceptor, which combine elements of pan-sexual fetishism and BDSM culture with complex characters in science fiction and fantasy settings. He is also active in the supernatural horror and fantasy genres, drawing adaptations of the work of authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alexandre Dumas for the Graphic Classics comics anthology series, as well as illustrating an anachronistic version of the German folk epic, The Nibelungen.

The more money we have, the more Michael we can afford, so please, help FUND IT.

These are prelim sketches for one piece, if you want to see what his finished work looks like, please click on The Nibelungen link above.

Michael’s style is stark, graphically intense and most importantly – different. He will give Gor a distinctive and definitive style and visual appeal.



2 responses to “Gorean Chronicles: Art by Michael Manning

  1. Please sir, keep in mind that Gor is NOT Conan. The men do not wear armor. The preferred weapon is the Gorean short sword (similar to a Gladius).Their shields are round, wooden and leather. Their helmet is similar to the helms of sparta. The Kurii are not “shaggy”, their hair would be like a primate, (I always understood them to be gorilla-ish). I am not an artist you truly are, but on your shoulders weigh the responsibility of staying within the descriptions given in the books by John Norman for the purpose of providing a faithful interpretation of the world we have waited almost 50 years to be shown us by your talent. Thank you for your time.

    • Hello there. The context will be clearer in the final versions but this one is meant to be in Torvaldsland where furs and leathers were more common. We’re not necessarily going for a 100% faithful depiction as that would look like a history book, but rather trying to be as true as possible while also catering to fantasy and gaming. Many of the original Gor covers of the paperbacks were less faithful than I think we’re intending to be. If you look closely at the Kur, you’ll see the longer shaggier hair is more analagous to where we have longer, shaggier hair and the rest is short.

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