Chronicles of Gor – What do you DO?

AdventureFUND IT!

A legitimate question about any RPG, and the point upon which everything else hangs, is ‘What do you do in this game?’

A game can have an interesting background, great rules, fantastic art and wonderful writing but if it can’t answer the question ‘What do you do?’ it’s not likely to be played that much.

What do you do?: We raid dungeons for gold, fame and magical items – so we can raid bigger dungeons and get fat and wealthy!

What do you do?: We investigate strange phenomena and battle the secretive alien invasion of Earth.

What do you do?: We’re an elite unit of mecha pilots, fighting in the front line of a future war.

So what will you do in Chronicles of Gor: Gorean Roleplaying?

That will depend on how you set up your role-playing group, something I’ll cover in a future post on the project.

Suffice to say, contrary to the opinions of many I don’t see people spending hours at a time role-playing out the abuse of slaves, or staring into the distance and narrating long soliloquies on gender relations, the nature of men and women or the corrupt nature of Earth society. Rather I expect people to role-play out these sorts of things:

  • Foiling the diabolical plots of the Kur!
  • Exploring the jungle and the forests and finding lost cities!
  • Clashing with bandits and slavers!
  • Getting caught up in the machinations of the Priest Kings!
  • Participating in battles between cities!
  • Leading slave revolts!
  • Pursuing true love across the continent!
  • Getting drunk as hell on paga and starting fights in taverns!
  • Hunting giant tarsk and dangerous tharlarion!
  • Bounty hunting!
  • Taking mercenary contracts!
  • Swordfighting on the precipitous walkways between the high cylinders!
  • Betrayal! Revenge! Victory! Defeat!

You know, FUN STUFF!

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