Chronicles of Gor – Urgent Update PRINT!

GorPromo1FUND IT!

You kept asking.

Initially I wasn’t going to offer print because it’s been so volatile and unpredictable that it often ends up torpedoing projects by costing them more than they raised.

After a lot of thought and calculation, and a lot of estimation, I think I can offer…

World of Gor: The Gorean Scrolls – $45

Chronicles of Gor: Gorean Role-Playing & World of Gor: The Gorean Scrolls – $75

Both will include both books on PDF.

People who are fans of Gor, but not role-players, will find World of Gor to be an invaluable reference and insight into the series, but won’t necessarily need (or want) the RPG book.

People who are primarily roleplayers will need both books to make a complete set with all the information that they need.

There’s a lot of estimation work involved here and these prices assume that we can raise the full amount and fill the books with the desired amount of illustration, making for the page count these estimates are based on. I think each book should have an RRP in the region of £20 and shipping, anywhere, is £10 or under. So this is the best I can really do given the goal is to raise money, not to offer a cheap pre-order.

I’ll do what I can to sweeten the deal as/when/if we get closer to or over the primary goal and I would appreciate your suggestions on what I can do to increase the value to supporters and get those extra bucks out of you.

Please do pass on the fundraiser info to any other fans of Gor, whether they’re gamers or not. The World Book should have a much broader appeal to fans of fantasy in general.

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