In Like Quinn

twocarsineverygarageandthreeeyesoneveryfish7So there a thing around Zoe Quinn doing the rounds in computer gaming circles. One side says it’s about slut shaming, in an attempt to deflect and deny the genuine criticism and problems referred to, the other side says it’s all about corruption in games journalism in an attempt to ignore the slut shaming that is going on.

Quinn made Depression Quest, for which I consider her awesome and who fucked who is pretty much irrelevant to that fact.

Is games journalism corrupt and fucked up? Yes, it totally is, but this is hardly a revelation and it’s got pretty much fuck all to do with who is sleeping with who.

If you have a review site or magazine you rely on early access, early information and early copies of games that you can play through in order to give people worthwhile information upon which they can make purchasing decisions.

How do you get those things? Easy, you become the bitch of the games companies.

Wonder why you hardly ever see a review score below 7? Because if you piss off the companies you won’t get product and there’s always another site willing to play ball and plenty of reviewers willing to toss any professionalism aside for the sake of free product and not even a wage.

If you want an unbiased view of a game, you need to find a FAN who you can trust and who shares the same sort of game taste you do, but that means you’re going to have to be wary about pre-ordering and take a bit of a risk on games and software that’s new. Otherwise, you’re going to have to accept that things are dodgey and are likely to stay dodgey until something seriously changes.

People exchanging body fluids is NOTHING, it just makes a sexy headline.

6 responses to “In Like Quinn

  1. Music reviewing is probably different, as it only takes an hour to listen to a CD, but the reason almost all my reviews are positive is that I don’t review records I don’t like enough to review. I get sent far more promos than I ever review., and the mediocre ones never get reviews.

    I’m not high enough in the food chain to get advance copies of the really big releases that you can’t not review.

    (And I’m definitely not sleeping with any female singers!)

  2. Let’s not ignore that what it seems she was engaged in was “Quid pro quo”. Quid Pro Quo favoritism that she initiated, thereby creating, within the video games community, a “Hostile Working Environment”. Yes. Zoe Quinn isn’t a slut, she’s a sexual harasser.

    It’s not the sex, it’s the hypocrisy here that matters.

    • Sleeping with subjects is more common in journalism than most people admit. The funny thing to me is that there’s more outrage going on about gaming reporters sleeping with some game developer lady than political correspondence reporters sleeping with congressional staffers and undersecretaries.

      • Oh, on the rare occasions where someone’s actually foolish enough to not cover their tracks, it does a pretty good job of torpedoing a career, like that of John Edwards.

      • Yeah, but that’s more the exception than the rule with a media that’s literally in bed with politicians. What sunk Edwards was the perfect storm of being generally dislikable in the first place, getting caught red handed, lying about getting caught red handed, AND having cancer-wife for everyone to sympathize with. In fact, really, if he hadn’t had the wife with cancer, it wouldn’t have sunk more than his presidential ambition.

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