Chronicles of Gor – Characters

CharactersFUND IT!


As is typical with most RPGs, characters are defined by their attributes (their natural, innate capabilities) and their skills (their learned and applied knowledge). The two combined give you the number of dice you roll to perform actions and you roll against a target number to see if you succeed. The more you succeed, the better you do.

Characters are primarily defined by a template, which gives you some starting attributes and skills which you can then customise (don’t worry, there’s an option to create a character from scratch if you want).

Templates suit Gorean characters uniquely well because much of Gor (civilised Gor) is based upon a caste system with each caste having semi-rigid roles within Gorean society. The high castes (Physicians, Warriors, Scribes, Initiates and Builders) rule the society while the lower castes such as the Peasants, Leather Workers and – much to their chagrin – Merchants make everything work smoothly day to day.

Each caste has its own secrets, methods, honour codes and its own proud traditions and the lowliest peasant is as fierce and proud of his position and caste as the loftiest and most pretentious initiate.

While it might seem like a group entirely made up of warriors is a no-brainer, a spread of castes is not only useful but can be justified in many ways such as being a band of outlaws or attached to a mercenary company. Even within castes there is more variety than you might expect as well, within the caste of physicians you might find herbalists, delivery riders, researchers, doctors, midwives, veterinarians, field medics and even caravan guards for shipments of medicine. Even slaves can be productive characters – so often being beneath notice – and free women can do everything that free men can, with the additional advantages of the respect and deference offered to free women.