Chronicles of Gor – The Worldbook Format



World of Gor: The Gorean Scrolls is the non-game companion book to the Chronicles of Gor: Gorean Roleplaying book.

Despite being a companion book it is written and designed in such a way that it contains no game material as such, only information gleaned from the 33 existing Gor novels about cultures, peoples, practices, food and anything and everything else of interest. Gamers will need both books for a complete experience – if they’re unfamiliar with Gor – while fans of Gor not interested in gaming will be able to buy World of Gor as an art book, guide and reference to the Gorean world. It might be useful for people who roleplay online in a less formal fashion, people who write fan-fiction or people who are just in love with the Counter-Earth and want something extra to add to their collection.

The book is mostly an A-Z encyclopaedia. The entries and items are interspersed with ‘in character’ commentary from a man of Earth, brought to Gor and observing the world around him, ostensibly as an ‘honorary’ member of the caste of scribes, working to write in such a manner as to prime captures and agents from Earth for their new life on Gor.

If we’re funded, both books will be illustrated as much as possible, to present a guide that is as much visual as it is written. In particular I want to do the Panther Girls justice as the fierce, dirty fighters and amazons they are – some of them scarring themselves so as to avoid the attentions of men. It was, after all, Verna who was Marlenus’ only equal in cunning and battle.

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