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I’m ‘Grim’ (a nickname from college that’s stuck) and I make games. I have worked on some social media games and helped out with some videogame projects here and there but my big love is roleplaying games and I’ve written… quite a lot of them.

I want to keep creating content – and branching out into fiction – but things are pretty volatile at the moment and as a depression sufferer it’s hard for me to work reliably day by day no matter how hard I work when everything is fine.

A little more financial security would hugely help my situation with my brain issues, and give me more money to plough back into games and personal projects which will also go to support young and upcoming fantasy and science fiction artists, editors, writers, typographers, layout people and other creatives all around the world.

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Camelot Cosmos: Plots of the Nephilim

In The Camelot Cosmos the followers of the Nephilim are the most likely source of opposition to the ambitions and plans of player characters. All of the Nephilim Ascended believe that humanity should either be corrupted and enslaved (the position adopted most famously by Lucifer) or utterly destroyed. The thought of a human society, let alone human individuals, who refuse to bow down and serve the Nephilim is hateful to them in the extreme, and in the case of powerful individuals who refuse to serve the situation cannot be regarded as anything other than a threat. The Nephilim remember the attempts of First Empire corporations to destroy them, and the myths and legends which have accrued over the centuries since have not lessened their hatred and fear. It is for this reason that every Nephilim Ascended seeks to recruit cults of followers and continually engage in schemes designed to increase their influence and power not only over humanity but also over each other. The Nephilim are not in any sense united, and employ cultists as disposable weapons in their schemes against their fellows. GMs should remember that any of these schemes are just as likely to be aimed at other Nephilim worshippers as they are to be aimed at followers of the Seraphim.

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