THIS is What Happens When you Engage

deathnoteLordy Lou there’s a lot of drama still going on. Zak and Mandy are still taking a bit of a pounding from articles that just lie about them constantly while Pundit is also taking a similar pounding from bait-and-switch tactics, more lies and more misrepresentations.

Truth is, I’m fucking tired of this stupid conflict and I wish both sides could just retreat to their respective corners and let the games do the talking. While I think the non politically correct side would be capable of doing this, I do not think the other side is as capable of leaving people alone to do their own thing, since they define themselves by opposition.

Is engaging with these people worthwhile? I don’t know, I used to think so because I used to think they might be reasonable enough to be reached and that the gap could be bridged. I tried hard, only to have arguments misrepresented, quote mined, years of work scoured for things to be taken out of context and honest attempts to understand and debate spat back into my face.

I even offered to help produce and put out product for these people – though I don’t have the time spare to do that any more. Only one person, one of the worst offenders of the Social Justice Mob took me up on it and, frankly, their ideas didn’t sell (though writing for 4th Edition was probably a factor). Even they stopped doing that after a while.

I put my money where my mouth was, I tried and as others are now finding, dealing honestly with these people doesn’t work.

That said, apparently there’s a private petition going around to blacklist this people and to try and persuade employers not to use them.

Having been on the receiving end of this kind of thing, albeit on spurious rather than accurate reasons, I have to say that this is horseshit.

People must be free to make work of all kinds. Bad, good, political or not, obnoxious or otherwise. You don’t fuck with people’s jobs just because you disagree with them and you maintain the moral high ground by allowing people – even your enemies – to express themselves.

So if you see this thing coming around, tell them it’s bullshit and don’t sign.

Blacklists are for people who can’t make a decent argument.