They See Me Rollin’ Crits – They Hatin’

tumblr_inline_n9badgmt2R1r1inynVia RPGPundit I saw a link to a post by Mandy Morbid on her Tumblr where she talks about what’s happened to her and her friends at the hands of the same people who have caused me – and so many others – trouble.

Mandy covers a lot, very eloquently and very powerfully, so I won’t speak for her I’ll let her do that herself.

The Blog’s HERE.

For what it’s worth, and as I’ve expressed before, I think Zak, Mandy and the gang are some of the best things to happen to gaming in a long time and they’ve stuck it out despite the slings and arrows of the worst arseholes of all sides.

Mandy’s a lovely, wonderful person who faces her troubles in life with a fortitude and positive outlook

Zak’s not the easiest person to get on with, but I respect him and he’s stood up for me when he didn’t have to and he does good work.

I met Satine, who worked on Machinations of the Space Princess with me, through them and she’s one of the nicest, best ambassadors for gaming I’ve ever known.

I don’t know the rest of their group, but I’m betting they’re just as wonderful and bullshit-free as people and I’m sure I’d like them if I did. None of them deserve even a fraction of the bullshit they’ve had to suffer.

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