Have some MOTSP stuff

Related to a module I’m working on in my spare time.

Steen Threel-Gawb 100xp

Down on his luck, desperate and behind on payments on his ship, Steen has hit a gold mine… well, a silver mine, with the remains of Banthic station and is paranoid about having it stolen out from under him. He is a short, squat creature in a golfball spacesuit covered in straps and hooks. He has a crew of cheap, barely-usable salvage robots that do the majority of the work for him – but are virtually scrap themselves.

Close Defence: 14
Ranged Defence: 14
Armour: Scrapper Spacesuit 1d4+1 + Natural Armour d4
Hit Dice: 3 (24hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m per round
Attacks: 1/+1 (+2 ranged)
Damage: 1d4+1 (Fist) 1d20+1 Space Cleaver, Blatter Pistol 1d4.
Saves: 6, Power 7, Will 8.
Traits: Shell, Intrusive, Strong Will
Skills: Security 1, Tinker 3.

Dt-12_heavy_blaster_pistolSerpyCo Blatter Pistol 125gp

The Blatter is a tiny hold-out pistol used for personal protection from vermin and clearing parasites from ship hulls. Its chief advantage is being able to shoot at a reasonable range during EVA and not being powerful enough to damage salvage. This makes it a favourite amongst scrappers, belters, miners and shipboard security.

Damage D4, Medium range, Ammo Save 20, Extra capacity, Long Range, Targetter+1



gerber_kick_axeTechWerkz Space Cleaver 25gp

The TechWerkz Space Cleaver is a tiny, folding cleaver made of superdense alloy. It is hugely weighty for its size and can smash and cut through virtually any material. It’s sold as a tool but, despite its small size is favoured as a weapon by boarding parties.

Damage D4, Armour Defeating -8, Vicious x5


member-lost-tribeTechWerkz Scrapper Suit 700gp

A robust spacesuit with good protection, jump jets and power assist favoured by technicians and scrappers.

1d4 Armour, Jump Jets, Power Enhancement +1, Reinforced +1, Life Support.

Reconditioned Salvage Robots 2xp

Steen picked these, spiderlike, robots up in a job lot from the auction houses of Grench – a scrap-ringed planet. He has no idea who made them or when they were made but they were cheap. Fragile and mostly held together by duct tape and wishful thinkings they’re essential to his business. Not that he won’t sacrifice them to protect himself.

Close Defence: 10
Ranged Defence: 10
Armour: 1
Hit Dice: 1 (1hp)
Initiative: +0
Movement: 10m per round
image_21_spider_robot_top_viewAttacks: 2/+0
Damage: 1d6 (assorted drills, saws, torches and other tools).
Saves: 5
Traits: Brother Machine, Extra Action, Armoured 1
Skills: Tinker 2.

The Daddy’s Girl – Ouatu Class Salvage Scout – 52,550 gp

Ouatu vessels haven’t been made in many years but they’re tough little ships, popular with pirates and wreckers. The Daddy’s Girl is much patched and held together with spit and chewing gum but is a typical example of a maintained – but unmodified – vessel of this type.

Scale: 4
Crew: 1
Hit Dice: 4 (16 hp)
Attack: 0/+3 D8 damage
Armour: 1d4
Rusty_Ship_2_by_VonmurderDefense: 8
Speed: Moderate
Weapons: None
Toughness: 7
Reflexes: 5
Power: 8
Customisations: Aquatic, Automatic Systems, Cargo (100,000 tons), Improved Sensors +1, Absorbtion Shield (10 points), warp drive, tractor beam, repulsor beam, Improved Power +1.
Weapon: Scrap Cannon.


Mass-DriverScrap Cannon 1550gp

A ship scale weapon the scrap cannon is more a tool than a weapon. A pulsed magnetic beam that can hurl scrap metal vast distances.

Scale: 4, Damage: D8, Range: Long, Ammo Save: 16, Inaccurate:-1, Long Range, Normal damage + Shocking, 

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