Machinations of the Space Princess: CarcharoTek Novelty Byte-Gun

53583552.SharkHologramatSentosaUnderwaterWorldCarcharoTek makes hopelessly over-engineered guns for armchair soldiers and would-be bounty hunters across the tri-galactic area. Every weapon has a tendency to have a flaw, too much recoil, leaking batteries, something that makes them the laughing stock of serious mercenaries and soldiers everywhere. After a trend emerged for more serious buyers to purchase CarcharoTek weapons as a joke a novelty division was created in order to cash in on this trend by making deliberately weird and stupid weapons.

Ironically, the novelty division appears to have, entirely by accident, come up with a weapon that actually works.

The Byte-Gun uses a high-powered laser to trigger and energise a complex set of force-fields with the shape of a Gleisean Mondo-Shark which then ‘bites’ the target.

This is obviously ostentatious and utterly ludicrous but has, nonetheless, found a place with genuine assassins who use the gun to fake animals attacks.

futuristic_laser_pistol_prop_4_by_enguerrand-d2yhpxuByte-Gun MkI
Type: High Calibre Pistol
Damage: d10
Range: Medium
Ammo Save: 10
Cost: 625 gp
Features: Armour Defeating 1, Damage Type: Bite, Inaccurate -1, Reduced Capacity, Vicious.

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