MotSP: Stellar Villain Generator


Roll Title Name 1 Name 2 Descriptor
1 Baron/Baroness Bay Att The Violent
2 Caliph/Calipha Bar Eg The Merciless
3 Dame Caw Ig The Undying
4 Dear Leader Kah Ea The Eternal
5 Despot Pho Ted The Insane
6 Dread Lord/Lady Mun Og The Bloodthirsty
7 Duke/Duchess Nuh Oog The Impaler
8 Earl/Lady Rab Eet The Genocidal
9 Emir/Emira Rib Oon The Uneven Tempered
10 His/Her Excellency Soh Noo The Angry
11 His/Her Majesty Saw Ni The Murderous
12 King/Queen Suh Nah The Maniac
13 Landgrave Tay Zan The Bastard/Bitch
14 Lord/Lady Tah Zin The Unpleasant
15 Marquis/Marquessa Toh Pee The Deviant
16 President Quee Muh The Child-Slayer
17 Prince/Princess Zay Buh The World-Killer
18 Sheikh Zah Bee The Purifier
19 Sultan/Sultana Zol Doh The Vigilant
20 Tyrant Ning Ka The Impolite

EG: Roll of 6,12,4,18 = Dread Lord Suhea the Purifier