Machinations: Final Playtest Draft!



I will now start working on the final edit of MotSP and Satine is going full steam ahead on the art now (yay Satine!).

This is the last version you’ll see before the final book and PDF. This is also your last chance to get any feedback or suggestions in.

You can grab the file here: MotSPPlan
And so, The Great Editing begins…

One response to “Machinations: Final Playtest Draft!

  1. All highly entertaining!.

    Only obvious thing I have noticed so far is in the Enemies & NPCS bit.

    ‘Grey, naked men with barcodes tattooed on their foreheads these are disposable clone-soldiers turned out by the hundreds and thousands by the Arken Mercenary Company for use as disposable cannon fodder and shock troops.’.

    The above should be two sentences I think.

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