Paralegal, Paramedic… Paradesigner?

Looking for a ‘paradesigner’, that it someone willing to take on rush jobs for quick graphic design elements (posters, banners, web elements etc).

  • Adaptable, multiple styles preferred.
  • Fast turnaround time and reliability essential.
  • A steadier flow of work should emerge over time.
  • Familiarity with games industry (particularly tabletop board and RPG games) preferred but not essential.
  • Please contact HERE and provide samples, typical rates ($USD) and turnaround for a few typical tasks (web banner, filling advert template, pamphlet print prep).


2 responses to “Paralegal, Paramedic… Paradesigner?

  1. I love the concept! Also I’m keen, but momentarily busy with current clients. Definitely something I may pester you about in the not too distant.
    Why rates in $ though?

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