A Stitch in Time – Indigo Prime

Indigo Prime Logo VERTICALWhilst rummaging through old papers looking for contract documents (don’t ask) I stumbled across a practically prehistoric RPG of Indigo Prime I had written back in 1990-1991 or so on an Apricot and printed on faded dot matrix paper with the little punch holes in the side..

Like a lot of early scribblings it is horribly naive and derivative but its also amazingly prescient in a number of ways and a time capsule into the kinds of influences that were being shared across multiple media at the time.

I can see why I abandoned the game despite playing it a few times. In 1993 Mage the Ascension was published which goes over a lot of the same conceptual ground and would have made a good Indigo Prime game in and of itself with just a little bit of work.

From a modern gaming point of view, what was interesting was that consensual reality was there, as was warping what was and wasn’t real and how the world works through powers which – while having 20 levels – were very similar to spheres.  I’d also worked into the game a mind/body separation which I don’t believe has particularly been done – at least not as something integral to a game – until Eclipse Phase.

Maybe I should copy it up as a curiosity, if there’s any interest.