Camelot Cosmos: The Scroll of Kings RELEASED

A history of the Cosmos told through the lives of its monarchs.

The great and good, the foul and fair. Each monarch described, their reign spelled out.

Here you’ll hear of the events of their reign and the legacy they have left.

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Camelot Cosmos is a bit of a strange duck as a game, admittedly. It’s FATE, but it’s set up and designed more along the lines of a traditional RPG. It’s a science fiction game that plays as a fantasy game and a post-apocalypse that’s rather rural and medieval rather than everyone jetting around in dune buggies and fetish-ware.

Still, I think its worth your time and I think Daniel did a great job kitbashing FATE into something a more traditional RPer would recognise.

We’re contemplating a second edition – possibly under a different rules-set since people didn’t quite ‘grok’ what we were doing with FATE but that won’t be any time soon.

Meanwhile you can get the whole thing for a song as a BUNDLE.