MotSP: Gear

I’m currently working on armour, shields and weapons for MotSP.

I’ve decided to take a fairly generic approach, with the ability to add ‘options’ to the various armour suits, weapons etc. If I want to do an equipment book later I can come up with all kinds of specifics and so on but for the main book I think a generic approach is probably the best idea.

So what this means is that you might buy a…

Blaster Pistol – d6 damage.
Options: Sights +1 to hit, high-energy Crit 19-20

Carapace Armour – d8 protection
Fireproof – Double protection, Power frame +1 Melee damage.

…and so on.

Still, let me know if there’s any specific weapons, armour or forcefields from SF and Sci-Fantasy that you think are particularly cool and I’ll try to get them in!