MotSP: What gear & Weapons Would you like to see?

Samus.Aran.full.445460I have – provisionally – finished both the introduction and the character creation sections. Though both are still going to be subject to edits and changes and additions as I carry on. The next section to tackle is all the money, gear, equipment, armour, ships, vehicles and weapons.

D&D was in no small part a big success due to ripping off ideas left and right, hobbits and Vancian magic just being the most obvious. So I have absolutely no shame in ‘stealing’ ideas from all over the shop to put into MotSP.

What are some of your favourite devices, weapons, space ships, vehicles etc taken from Science Fiction/Science Fantasy comics, films, books and all points in between?

What have you seen in the genre that you thought was jaw-droppingly cool? What kinds of devices, doodads and weapons have you always wanted to see?

Splurge at me, I want to hear them ALL! Don’t worry if someone’s already mentioned them. Give me YOUR list of wicked-cool stuff.


6 responses to “MotSP: What gear & Weapons Would you like to see?

  1. Here’s a few my ‘too early in the morning’ brain can conjure up:

    1. Powered Armour;
    2. Cloaking device;
    3. A scout ship like that one from Traveller;
    4. Tricorder-like scanner;
    5. Wrist computer.

  2. Ok so than apart from Star Wars (which should go without saying), here’s some of mine:

    Heavy Gear – Love the frontier feel and the design of the mechs.

    Ring of Red – One of the better alt history/what if games with big chunky diesel punk mechs..

    Lensman – The visualisations of both the space ships and alien races really stuck with me over the years, especially the tear-drop streamlining. The Dauntless is still and utterly awesome ship.

    Disney’s The Black Hole – Who doesn’t love the ships and robots in this movie.

    Star Trek – Visually all seasons are awesome but I do love the TNG/DS9 ship designs.

    Warhammer 40K – The giant gothic cathedrals in space look very impressive.

    Mass Effect – Each race has a distinctive look and the Normandy is beautiful.

    Robotech – It’s a Plane, then it’s a Robot, then it’s halfway between the two. What is not to love!

    Bubblegum Crisis – Hardsuits and Boomers both look awesome and are nicely detailed.

    Battlestar Galactica – The sheer brutal purpose and uncompromising design of the Battlestars matched against the really quite elegant Vipers is amazing.

    Bladerunner – The flying cars and neo-noir rock.

    Neuromancer – Gibson’s description of the Sprawl “The sky was the colour of a TV tuned to a dead channel”, is really evocative of cyberpunk design (to me anyway).

    The Reality Dysfunction et al – Hamilton’s Edenist vs Adamist ship designs rock, the Voidhawk is a brilliant idea.

    Babylon 5 – The White Star, Star Furies, Minbari Angelfish Capital Ships, Narn Warships, The Shadows, come on, the whole thing is a SciFi showcase of awesome.

    I’ll stop there for the moment. 🙂

  3. Flares. Sparkling, smoking flares! (Like we saw in the end sequence of Aliens.).

    Medical droids the size of hat boxes with sharp and pointy bits at the end of their arms.

    Cybertech eyes that are outside the skull, red light. A true classic.

    Heat lances that can burn through ships hulls and interiors.

    Rein-Hagen’s Sci-Fi RPG that never was – Exile, had awesome FTL travel. You dove your ship into a star to break through a worm hole into some other part of space. The same game also had high tech servitor robots called Artifex. The robots were very capable, but acted according to principles of protecting humanity. That is, to never produce weapons of any kind, or to allow humans to come to harm, or risk coming to harm. So when you decided you wanted to go through a worm-hole to go FTL, you first had to disable all your robots, otherwise they would do everything to stop you from DIVING THE SHIP INTO A STAR! 🙂

    The same game had space suits that covered you, inside and outside, to protect you from the elements of space. Getting out of the suits was only done in rare exceptions, under very safe conditions.

    Space torpedoes that release combat droids after breaking through the outer hull of the target ship.

  4. Interchangeable cybernetic hands was always cool, so you could simply take one off the wrist socket, and slide a different one on in its place. A hidden dart-firing mechanism under the tongue is also nice, as is a cyber-eye that you can take out, sprouts little legs, and wanders off as a tiny controlled drone through which you can still see.

    Cybernetics in general are cool, but you could go all-out on them, including odd options such as centaur-esque lower body replacements, various cybernetic tails (whether prehensile or beweaponed), Doc Oc style extra tentacle limbs (could also be a kind of wearable utility harness), etc.

    In ships, you’ve got to include various benefits (faster speeds, cloaking mechanisms, etc.) but also possible flaws (such as the hyper-comp being temperamental, etc.) that could be picked to “buy up” other aspects.

  5. Amazingly intelligent and creative contributors! I’ll try to heap more awesome onto the pile.

    1. I would love to hear about extensive genetic modifications, but in a more abstract way. Like you can change your genetics to get polka dotted skin… or 6 arms like an insect. Want tiger stripes and dragonfly wings? Doable.

    2. My favorite weapons are barbaric ones made high tech. It’s not very logical though, so it rarely occurs. I’m thinking like a GIANT AXE… but the edge is a laser, or some monomolecular hyper alloy that can cut through SPACE AND TIME even. Perhaps nunchaku that respond to the users mental waves instead of requiring you to spin them.

    3. NANOMACHINES! I’m sure this will find it’s way somewhere, but I’d like to see them go past the “they’re in my bloodstream” sort of thing. Maybe a guy has a metal arm… and then we find out it’s made entirely of nanomachines, and they can melt off to go do crazy shit on their own independent of his body somewhere. Only a keyhole? No problem… *liquid drip of nanomites goes through and forms a spider bot on the other side of the door to open the mechanism*

    Ummm… ummm… access to alternate dimensions? Call forth entities from unrealities to do your bidding… or bite your arm off if you’re unlucky.

    That should do it for my brand of random illogical suggestions that make me giddy. Late to the party, but hope it goes on! Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. Any artwork in the works yet?

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